Weird hotel names in the world by Trivago

Sep 28, 2016

weird hotel names in the world

I got a press release ( in swedish) from They have found some of the worlds weirdest names and I just had to translate it to you guys! So here we go – the weirdest hotel names in the world!

How do you find the perfect hotel name? Some owners think that it is enough to just get an english name and you are good to go. Others try to be creative. Here are some names that are, well… not so good.

A little on the verge: Some names might seem like a good idea at the moment, but for others it may have some other meaning…
1.  Elephant Butte Inn, USA: who wants to live in an elephants butt?
Black Butte Ranch, USA: Or in any butt for that matter…
Somass Motel, Canada: Try to read the name loud.

Kinky: It seemed like a good idea then and there, and perhaps still does for the hotel owner, but in the rest of the world, these names get a bit to daring.
4.  Grand Oral, Turkey: The grand what?
Comfort Suites French Lick,USA: The place for you – if you like French kissing.
Ufuk Hotel, Turkey: Is that an order?
Hotel Kuntz, France: This hotelsign must be a photo sensation for americans.
Balls Deep Inn Villas, Japan: Have the equipment ready before you check in here, boys! The owner of the hotel, Paul Greener says: “it started out as just a joke when we bought our villas until we could come up with a real or better name but it just stuck so we decided to stick with it and it has been a great marketing tool for us.”

Balls deep in... In where? ;)

Balls deep in… In where? 😉

9.    Warm with love house, Thailand: Who would not want to live in such a house?
Red Boobies, Ecuador: Red Boobies is actually a type of sea bird. What did you think it meant?
Haus Fück, Germany: Yes, we know it is in German, but we still think it is funny!
Pms borovets apartment, Bulgaria: You do not want to f*ck with this hotel!

Is it that “simple is always the best”? Some names are so simple that you would not believe that the hotel owner spend any time coming up with a name. 
13.   Blog, China: Their website must be confusing.
Tourist-Inn, Netherlands: We know who the target audience is here.
Pulse Impulse, India: Is this a hotel or a nightclub?
Sea Lord, India: The hotel owner must LOVE the sea.
Good Night, Serbia: Here it is time to sleep.
My Place, Germany: Sounds almost like a pick-up line.
A House, Thailand: Yes it is!
Yeahoo Hotel, China: Yeahoo a place to stay!
True Friends Inn, Vietnam: Do not try to be anything other than a real friend here
If Inn, Taiwan: Let’s hope it is inside…
Stop Hotel, Romania: Stop! Don’t you see the sign? Check in then!

Not fully thought out:
24.   Badhotel, Netherlands: In conclusion not the most flattering description
25.   Grand Gross, Turkey: and not this one either.
Scandic Hell, Norway: confusing to see a sign of «Scandinavian hell».

Scandic Hell in Norway

Scandic Hell in Norway

27.   Dingdong Nuns, Spain: Are there any nuns at home?
Nobody’s Inn, USA: Might be a little lonely to check in here.
Quiet Woman House, Great Britain: And the hotel has targeted a rather small group of guests.
Two Stupid Dogs, Bulgaria: A hotel owner and dog owners that are not completely satisfied?
Poo, Thailand: Let us hope that this only applies to the name, and not to other aspects of the hotel.

Abbreviatons:  they are often used today but did those hotel mean to express themselves in this way?

 32.   WTF My House, India: Are the hotel owners so amazed by their own place you might wonder?
33.   OMG hostel, South Korea: Is this what you shout when you check in here?

34.   LOL boutique hostel, Hungary:Boutique hotels are often a little fancy but this hostel does not seem to take it self so seriously.

 Thank you Trivago for this list!


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