Welcome to the brand new Bring Bling To Everything.

Apr 24, 2016

It will still be all about travel but with a brand new design. We liked our old design but we did feel that it was time for an update – ok so this is a brand new design and not an update and we love it!
Make sure to click around. Have you seen the map under category Countries?
There are still some small changes going on but soon it will perfect – just the way we want it and Daniel made it.

A pictures from a dive site in Thailand - looks dreamy, just like our life will be!

A pictures from a dive site in Thailand – looks dreamy, just like our life will be!

I am excited but also nervous – this is a brand new page to learn but I can’t wait to start updating you guys on all the news and all the great plans.
Did you know that we are now selling and getting rid of a lot of stuff? Why you might wonder – well let me tell you. We are going to travel, travel the world and live in our suitcases or in a mobile home (at least for starters). We will travel and explore the world from morning to night, all year round and it is finally getting closer and closer to the date of when we leave our home. We have been waiting for this for years and it is finally within reach!

It is just a couple of months left but soon you will get updated each day, as before. It will be information, it will be travel and it will be personal.



  1. Erica

    Åh, vad underbart det låter att bara få resa! På heltid! Alltid! Jämt! <3


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