Welcome onboard the newly renovated Princess Anastasia

Apr 6, 2017

MOBY Princess Anastacia the ship
I can proudly say that when it comes to crises, we are somewhat experts. Having been on cruises all over the world with a lot of different companies we do know our cruises! Come with us on a press showing of Anastasia – bringing Italy to the Baltic sea. Anyone up for some Italian food?!

ST. Peter Line & Moby take you to the capitals of the Baltic Sea

What do you get if you combine Russian hospitality with Italian quality and charm and the fascinating capitals of the Baltic Sea? You get Princess Anastasia (pronounced Ana-Stasija). Get onboard the newly renovated ship and have a relaxing trip that takes you to St. Petersburg. And best of all? You can spend up to 72 hours in St. Petersburg without any visa. St. Peter Line have been offering ferry trip at the Baltic Sea since 2010. Now they are bringing Italy to the passengers with Italian quality, food and interior. Choose a cabin that suits you best – you can choose from suite, deluxe or commodore if you don’t want one of the “regular” cabins.
Princess Anastasia New York restaurant

Eat like you are in Italy at Princess Anastasia

There are several restaurants available and also a bistro and a buffet. After the press conference we all got to taste a piece of Italy and if the food is close to the treats we were given – you will not be disappointed. The food was amazing! My absolut favorite was a thing I don’t even know what it was. Something fried with potatoes and pies in a ball. It tasted amazing – like an explosion in my mouth. Squid and small tarts,  just amazing. And lets be honest… there is a big focus on the food when you go on a cruise and its important. You want to enjoy your selves while gliding through the Baltic Sea. And their coffee was just like coffee should taste – bold and strong (not the bland weak coffee a lot of the ferries serve).

Explore Stockholm, Helsinki, Tallin and St. Petersburg in a really relaxing and soothing way.
Princess Anastasia food
Princess Anastasia food

Technical data about Princess Anastasia for all you ship nerds out there

  • Launched: 1986
  • Reconstruction: 2012, 2017
  • Builder: Wärtsilä, Finland
  • Flage state: Italy
  • Length: 177,10 meters
  • Beam: 28,46 meters
  • Passangers: 2500
  • Cabins: 834

Our day at the press conference in Stockholm

Do I need to say that Im ready to get onboard and take the cruise? I was imagining Mini and me walking around, trying all the food and just enjoying life. The Baltic Sea has not been a priority of ours… until now. We will have to be on a trip with MS Princess Anastasia and let you guys know all about it!
Princess Anastasia restaurantWe got to meet our fellow blogger friends like the half of Freedom travel. Peter was there and we had a great time with good food and wine. We also got the honor of getting to know Oh darling, a great Swedish travel blogger. After the viewing of Princess Anastasia we also continued the party in “Nelson” and we also got to meet the other half of Freedom travel. Helena was returning after work and we decided that we NEED TO SEE EACH OTHER soon. They are off to Malta now and Oh darling was also flying out for a new adventure. Meanwhile we are off to new adventures in the capital of Sweden.

Thank you Marko for inviting us and showing us how its supposed to be!


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