Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera

Last updated May 29, 2021

Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera
Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera is a great experience and pleasure. Within four hours you will enjoy the sights of whales, dolphins, birds, and turtles if you’re lucky. Join us as we go for a tour with Excursiones Tina – looking for the beautiful creatures in the ocean.  

Excursiones Tina – whale watching company

There are several different tour operators that will take you whale watching from Valle Gran Rey in the western part of the island. We went with Excursiones Tina and had the owner Angela Schröder as our tour guide. The company is well established in La Gomera and they also arrange tours from Playa de Santiago. They are part of ATUSOS, an organization that works with sustainable tourism.

And at Excursiones Tina, eco-tourism and sustainability seems to be a priority. The company has been up and running for over 20 years now and they are still thriving. The excursions they offer are mostly four hour trips with lunch and a stop for a swim included. The price for such a tour is 40 euros per adult.
Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera
On board the boat Tina in La Gomera
Whale and Dolphin watching
Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera

Cups made of corn – Sustainable thinking on the boat

My absolute favorite are the cups we were served drinks in. They look like plastic and they feel like plastic. However, they are made of corn and if they end up in the water, they will dissolve within two months. I have such a hard time believing it (and there were more of us that were skeptical). So right now we are doing a test… Together with Mira and Valentina from Austria and Italy, we wanted to put the cups to the test.

We each have one. Mira has placed her in regular water. Valentina will put hers in salt water and Mini and I have buried ours in the dirt. We just started this experiment so there are no updates so far, however, we will keep you updated on what happens to the cups. We all hope that they will dissolve!

Going whale watching – looking for pilot whales

There are never any guarantees that you will see whales or dolphins but there is a good chance that you will. When our group, eagerly enters the boat – we get a thorough briefing on what kinds of things we are looking for and about all the facilities on board. We also get information about how this whale watching is working and that the company is just there, observing the animals.

Everyone puts on their sunscreen and off we go! It doesn’t take to long before we spot the first whales. They are pilot wales and they look more like dolphins than whales. There are several of them and everybody is super excited. We are all running back and forth – looking at the whales as they come closer to the boat. After a while, they are gone and we move on, looking for some more.

Pilot whales in La Gomera
Close up on two Pilot whale in La Gomera
Close up on two Pilot whales in La Gomera

Dolphins greeting us in La Gomera

After a while, we spot some more pilot whales and we also see some bottled nosed dolphins. We are all really excited and to top it all off, we also see a turtle for a brief while before he (or she) dives back into the blue. Everyone is relaxed and I am loving my Sangria that I have gotten from the crew. It has pieces of apples in it and is really refreshing.

More sunscreen and more relaxing. The hype of seeing dolphins and whales has settled and everyone is just enjoying the view and looking for the rare kinds of birds that come here and nest. It’s a good day. A good and relaxing day. It is peaceful and calm and everybody is enjoying themselves. And soon after that, it’s time to stop and have lunch and take a swim. Mini want’s to fly a drone so he doesn’t want to swim but I change and get ready.
Enjoy La Gomera
Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera
Whale and dolphin watching
Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera

Swimming and having lunch on the sea

The water is cold – like really cold. But I’m standing in my swimsuit, ready to enter. A lot of the other jump straight into the water. I decide to take the ladder. At first, the water is super cold. But after a few minutes, it becomes really nice. I am swimming around – looking up at the boat and just enjoying life. And then all of the other swimmers start getting up and I just want to stay in the water some more.

After my swim, it’s time for lunch and we are served fresh fish that has been marinated. It tastes really nice and we all eat with great appetite. And after lunch it’s time to head back to the harbor and say goodbye to the crew. It has been a great afternoon and I believe that we are all satisfied!
Grilled Chicken on the boat
Sangria on the Boat
Taking a swim in La Gomera
La Gomera is a beautiful island for travelers

Thank you Excursiones Tina for having us Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera!

Information about Whale and dolphin watching in La Gomera

Company: There are several but we can recommend Excursiones Tina for your trip.
Address: The harbor in Valle Gran Rey.
Price: 40 euros per person for a 4 hour trip and that includes lunch and drinks.

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