Wine from IKEAs vineyard

Oct 19, 2016


Yesterday evening was spent with the new tenants of our house. It was a great evening with a lot of talk, talk about plans and talk about travels. It feels great and so easy with them. Rebecka and I have so much in common that it is freaky – in a good way. 

IKEA owns a vineyard

We are both working out the details of the contract and everything feels open and easy. I feel safe leaving the house to them and that is a great feeling to have! And one amazing thing that happened yesterday was that we got to try a really special wine.

The wine is from Ingvar Kamprads own vineyard and it is not for sale. Kamprad is the owner of IKEA. Who knew he had a vineyard? The wine – a bottle of red was super good. I usually keep away from red wine because it gives me migraine but this was really good!

It is to bad that you can not get it in the store. It is a french wine. And in all honesty I know nothing about wine but this was really good. And about IKEA – we have visited the new IKEA museum in Älmhult. I will give all the information and need-to-know in a separate post.

And for all you wine nerds out there… Here is the information from the bottle 🙂

Domaine de la Navicelle from 2009.

Domaine de la Navicelle from 2009.


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  1. Henrik Olsson

    Kanske något jag borde smakat, för allt från IKEA som man slipper montera ihop själv är av intresse 😀


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