Wine spa in Poland at Palac Mierzecin

Last updated Dec 15, 2021

Wine spa in Poland at Palac Mierzecin
Wine spa in Poland at the Palac Mierzecin. Yes, it was just as luxurious as it sounds and we had a great time there. We got to spend two nights at this incredible place and we enjoyed every minute of it. During a press trip to Poland – this place was part of our schedule and it was all wine-themed!

Palac Mierzecin – A very brief history

Palac Mierzecin was built between 1861 and 1863. In 1998, the palace was bought by a Polish company called NOVOL. At that time, the palace had been degenerating for six years (after the last company moved out from there). It took the company until 2002 to make the palace as beautiful as it is today. At first, it was a place for the employees of the company but it soon turned into a hotel and spa as it is to this day.

The location of the palace is great. It is only a three-hour ride by car from Berlin and it is also not too far from Poznan (135 kilometers) or Szczecin in Poland (121 kilometers). The location in the middle of nature is perfect for a wine spa. This is not the only wine spa in Poland but it is the one with the highest rating of customer satisfaction. And we can surely understand why!
Wine spa in Poland at Palac Mierzecin

All about wine at the palace

Palac Mierzecin is more than a palace. It is also a stable, a vineyard, a garden, an entertainment center, a wine spa and much more. But there is a lot of focus on wine. People that come here are able to, not just drink wine, but take part in the whole process if they arrive in the right period. But surely this place is mainly focused on wine and that’s the whole point of coming here and escaping reality.

At the different restaurants, you can pair your food with different wines and if you want, you can also buy some bottles to bring back home with you. So yeah, being a wine-drinker is a good idea if you want to spend a weekend here. However, there is something for everyone and there’s more than wine. But let’s start with the wine-tourism and get on with the other activities later on.
Wine cellar at the Wine spa in Poland Palac Mierzecin

Visiting the vineyard at Palac Mierzecin

Mr. Dariusz Wisniewski meets us outside of the wine cellar. It’s walking distance to the vineyard and the grapes but since we have a limited amount of time, we get into a car and drive to the vineyard. The grapes take up a space of approximately seven hectares so it’s a big vineyard. What’s really fun with the vineyard is that they are experimenting with their grapes. Like all the other vineyards, the grapes are hybrids (so that they can survive the Polish climate).

They try to cross different grapes and experiment with the making of their wine. Turns out that they are doing it in the right way because their wine has won a lot of prizes. On average, they get 30 000 bottles of wine each year. You can’t find their wine in any stores around in Poland so if you want to buy it, you need to come here and get it. The vineyard is closed off so you can’t be strolling around there by yourself.
The vineyard at Palac Mierzecin

Letting the tourists pick grapes

A great thing, for both the tourists and the palace, is their “winobranie” which means “picking of grapes”. If you arrive in September, you can take part in the picking of the grapes. This is a great idea since you get to take part in an awesome experience. At the same time, the grapes get picked and they don’t need to pay people to pick the grapes. In fact, they get paid for people doing the work for them. Because taking part in the “winobranie” will cost you some money.

As a tourist, you get to see and be a part of the work at the vineyard. We only picked the grapes that we ate there. You might say that we had a grape tasting at the vineyard. The grapes were still a week or two from getting ripe so we didn’t get to take part in the work of harvesting the grapes. The event lasts for a weekend and food and drinks are included, as well as staying at the palace. For such a weekend you will pay 1 100 zlotych (255 euro).
Ripe Red Grapes from the vineyard at Palac Mierzecin in Poland
Ripe Red Grapes picked by hand

Wine tasting in the wine cellar

The wine cellar at the palace is incredible. It is like stepping into a movie. I immediately get an urge to get married (re-married) inside here. The table would be perfect to host all of our closest family and friends. We get to try several different wines from the vineyard and they are all really good. Usually, I don’t drink red wine but here – I love it!

Each wine we try makes us get a new favorite wine. In the end, their Solaris is the winner. And a lot of their wines win awards. The wine has even been served to the former US president Mr. Obama. Now, how awesome is that?! We learn a lot about the different wines and we have a great time during our tasting. This is a genuine wine tasting as it should be – nothing more, nothing less. We also get to see the winery – the place where they actually make the wine.
Wine tasting in the wine cellar at Palac Mierzecin
Wine cellar at the Wine spa in Poland Palac Mierzecin
Wine cellar at the Wine spa in Poland Palac Mierzecin

Wine spa at the palace

This is the thing we have been looking forward to the most – getting to check out their spa. It’s not a wine spa where you get to soak in wine. According to the staff in the spa, that’s not an option since you would get drunk. At the same time, I’m reading in their brochure that they offer Red wine bath rituals. Apparently it’s mostly water and a splash of wine?! They call it a grape spa, not a wine spa and they offer a lot of different treatments.

They say that grapes are a natural repository of magnificent regenerative and anti-aging substances. In all their treatments, they use ecological fruit from their own vineyard – that is so great! Most of their treatments can be combined with a relaxing bath. Here is a complete list of their treatments and what they are offering.
Wine spa in Poland

Getting treatments at the spa

Mini and I end up getting a body massage called “Wine Inspirations”. The massage is for relieving tension and we get to choose a wine scent that we prefer on our body, hand and foot massage. My massage was made by Marcelina and Mini got his from Ada. We were both super happy! Oh, how relaxing it felt afterward. Since we had a couple’s massage, we had no chance of taking photographs during the treatment.

However, I have the funniest pictures of Mini in his “panties”. Yes, you take off all your clothes and then you get a pair of small panties to cover your private parts. I could not stop laughing when I saw him! The treatment we got costs 180 zlotych ( 42 euro) for 50 minutes and it is well-spent money. If we had more time here – I would have splurged on more treatments, that’s for sure! And getting their couple’s treatments is super romantic!
Wine spa in Poland
Wine spa in Poland

Other facilities at the grape spa

If massage and other treatments are not your thing, you can still enjoy yourself at the wine spa in Poland. There are several other things that you can do except for getting a massage. You can soak in the pool or you can spend time in the different saunas that they have. If you want, you can even go and visit the gym.

The wine spa in Poland has almost everything for everyone. We didn’t have enough time to try out all the different saunas and things but it was all looking really nice and inviting. There is a luxurious feeling about being at a spa and the wine spa in Poland (at the palace Mierdziecin) is not an exception.
The pool at Palac Mierzecin

The surroundings at the wine spa in Poland

Even if a lot of the focus is on wine (of course), there’s more with this place than the wine. We have some free time and end up walking around in the surroundings of the palace and we are very impressed. The area of the palace covers more than 15 hectares so it’s impossible to see it all. Yet, we urge you to take your time and to explore the surroundings too.

We walk down to a lake and we have the best time ever! The thing is, that we find a huge print of – what in our heads turs out to be a wolf. Sure, it might be made by a dog but we decide that it is the print of a wolf. After that, we hurry up back and decide to check out the other side of the premises.

The Japanese garden

This is a real safe haven and if we had more time, I would have tried to do some meditation here. It’s a Japanese garden. Everything “Japan” can be seen here. The arches, the bridge, and even a torii gate. What strikes us the most is how quiet it is here. Just the sound of the water, wind and the birds can be heard.

We sit down for a while on the benches and watch the fishes that swim around in the big pond. Or the pond might not be the right word, the lake is better. We are lucky because we have the whole place to ourselves. At the same time, there’s so much to do at Palac Mierzecin that I believe that you often get this nice garden to yourself. And if not – I’m pretty sure that the tranquility of this place makes all the visitors quiet.
The Japanese garden. There is a lake and beautiful walking trails

The horses at the palace

Wine spa in Poland must include horses, right?! There’s a stable with horses in different sizes. At the palace, they offer horseback riding. In fact, they offer rides in carriages too (oh, how romantic). The price starts at 50 zlotych (12 euros) for the horseback riding.

We walk into the stable and say hello to the horses. If you want to ride, make sure to make a reservation. You can’t just walk into the stable and say that you want to go riding. They don’t offer this daily so make sure to reserve your spot in advance. They have horses to serve all the levels of riders.
Horses at Palac Mierzecin
Horses at Palac Mierzecin

Other activities to do

Rent a kayak, play some tennis or why not play billard or bowling? Like we mentioned before, there’s so much to do at Palac Mierzecin that you could easily spend a week here without getting bored and having something new to do each day. If golf is your thing, there’s a golf course close buy where you can play.

The bowling looks awesome. This is a high-end bowling place that we get to check out while getting a guided tour of the palace by the manager of the place. Here, you can have something to drink (not necessarily wine) and have a fun time with family and friends.
Bowling at Palac Mierzecin

The rooms at Palac Mierzecin

When we arrive at the palace, there’s a wedding going on in the main building. We check-in at the former stable. Our room is nice and comfy so don’t freak out by the word stable. But see, there’s a great thing about this place. Let’s face it – the palace sounds really expensive. By offering different rooms in a different standard, you can find a match that you can afford. And they have 83 rooms that you can choose from – the palace, the annex, the grape spa or the manor.

Sure, if you want to stay in the palace – it will cost you more. But, if you choose another room the price starts at 190 zlotych (44 euro). And that’s a great price for what you get. Breakfast is included and it’s a great buffet where you will find everything you might want to eat. The dining room where the breakfast is served is cozy and has a luxurious feeling to it.
The rooms at Palac Mierzecin
The rooms at the wine spa in Poland

The food and restaurants at the Palac Mierzecin

In total, there are four different restaurants where you can eat at the palace. The palace restaurant, the Distillery, The Billards pub, and the Grill Arbor. The food that is served is inspired by the old polish cuisine and with regional traditions. They switch the menu twice a year and always try to use local products and what’s growing at the moment.

The quality of the food is high and the prices are fair. We love that the food isn’t overpriced (which it often is in such places). Our tip is that you try out the different restaurants while visiting this place. And if you drink wine, let the sommeliers pair your food with wine!

 Restaurant Destylarnia – a great place to eat

We have all our meals (lunch and dinner) at the Distillery. Well, we had breakfast in the castle, but other than that, Restaurant Distillery, or Destylarnia, as it is in polish is our place of food. The food is superb. We try different dishes – everything from classical polish dumplings (pierogi) to pumpkin soup, stakes, pasta, and duck.

The cozy restaurant feels very luxurious. The people working here, are all super friendly and the food has really high quality. One thing that I love is the add ons to the dumplings. Usually, pierogi are served with bacon and onion. Here they serve it with lentils and it tastes great! Who knew that this was an option?!
Restaurant Destylarnia at Palac Mierzecin
Restaurant Destylarnia at Palac Mierzecin

Our experience of the wine spa in Poland

If it’s not shining through in this post – we had an awesome time at Palac Mierzecin. The only complaint we have is that time went by to fast. We understand that most people come here for a weekend. However, two days is not enough and we propose that you try to stay at least for three nights or more. And here is a list of what we recommend you do while visiting this place and drinking wine in Poland.

  • Get a massage – If you don’t want a massage, get another treatment or at least check out the pools and the saunas.
  • Walk the premises. Walk beyond the famous Japanese garden and check out what there’s more to see.
  • Have a wine tasting – obviously, this is a great place to learn more about Polish wine and to taste really nice wines.
  • Go horseback riding. If you don’t want to do that – opt for the carriage ride instead.
  • Eat your way through the palace. Try the different restaurants and let your tastebuds explore!

Information about Palac Mierzecin

Address: Mierzęcin 1 66-520 Dobiegniew.
Website of Palac Mierzecin.

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