Worcation this summer means Working and touristing!

Worcation in Bromolla this summer
So my working summer has started and Mini is trying to become a housewife during the summer. He will not get that lucky because he has to photograph environmental pictures for Atelje Lyktan. However, when I got to work I found an email from a coworker in Bromölla. He’s the best because he left us a bunch of suggestions for the summer – a lot of them involve touristing and exploring!

Worcation for real

Visiting interesting places like road churches (yes that’s a thing), visiting fairs and meeting interesting people. Does that sound like work? In my ears that sounds like a perfect summer – and I’ll get paid for it! And one of the most awesome things is that my coworker even suggested that there should be an article- series of “Annika visiting different places in Bromölla by Motorhome.” That sound like loads of fun and we are up for it! Bromölla is a small town in Skåne with less than 8 000 inhabitants. But I already found that they have one of the, if not the smallest library in Sweden!

How awesome would that be? To have like a series in the paper each week and present a different place each time. I call that worcation full time.
Worcation in Bromolla this summer

Making worcation a reality

Being a local editor this summer, I do believe that I can pitch ideas and there are a lot of the ideas that we got that I am really up for! And as a reporter, I always make sure that I’m invisible in all of my work. This is our private website and we want to be visible here. In all honesty, I don’t like reading articles where the reporter is writing about themselves. However, if I can be visible but not take over the article it might work out for both me and the newspaper. I mean something like…

“Annika and Mini are visiting an art gallery today – this is what the owner of the Gallery had to say…”

We are super excited about the summer and worcation full time!


  1. Om Mini behöver ombyte, finns det en hel del karlagöra här hemma ;) :*

    1. Det låter mäkta intressant Henrik!


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