Working weekend in Lund

Mar 18, 2017

Working weekend in Lund

The coffee is besides me. The rain is pouring down outside. Mini is on his computer right by my side. We are parked at a Mc Donalds in Lund and we are both working. Life is great! We love the mobile home lifestyle!

Photographing in Lund

Mini has become a freelance photographer for “Atelje Lyktan”, a Swedish company that is selling lamps. He has three different locations in Lund where he needs to photograph and I decided to come with him. We spent the night at a parking lot in city center of Lund and we slept like babies. Unfortunately the rain is pouring down so the photographing is put on hold. On the other hand – it needs to be dark when he takes the pictures because the lights need to be lit.

I am sending emails – trying to get the near future planned. There is so much going on that it makes my head spin. At first I thought that I would be touristing in Lund but now I feel like its better to get the planning done. Touristing in Lund will have to wait until another day.
Streetlights in Lund

Free camping in Lund

We are no experts (yet) but in all honesty we felt very safe tonight. We found a street in Lund that did not have parking fees and we decided to spend the night there. Even if it was a Friday night there was not that many people out and it was quiet and calm. I love the fact that you can sleep “for free” and don’t need to find a camping each night.

At the same time we can’t wait to explore the camping life more and more. This will not be a vacation – this will be our life! We are living our dream and loving every minute of it!


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