Club 100 meeting – A working weekend

Sep 16, 2016


 I am allowed to be on Club 100 meeting. A great working weekend awaits. I will spend my weekend with an awesome group of people!

Club 100 meeting

Club 100 is a exclusive club in Sweden that you can be a part of if you have visited 100 countries or more. There are a maximum of 100 members and once a member – always a member. Some of them have passed but they still have their spot in the club.

Arnold is one of the founders of the club and he is the one who has allowed us to come to the meeting. We are super excited and I can’t wait to talk to all those interesting people. While this will be for a radio documentary (yes another project) I am ready to face it head on.
The plan is to make one podcast series about the Club 100 and its members.

The meeting will be in Smygehuk, the southernmost tip of Sweden. I hope we will have some time to just stroll around and have a nice walk. Yes first of all it is work but work is also vacation!

In conclusion – I can’t wait!

Last time we went to Smygehuk.

Last time we went to Smygehuk. This time it is time to be in the Club 100 meeting.

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