Dresden event in Malmo

Oct 23, 2019

Dresden event in MalmöDresden came to Malmö yesterday and we were invited to attend the soare. Great food and awesome wine were on the menu. What an evening we had! We got to learn more about Dresden and Elbland area while enjoying a meal and drinks. We also got to meet some incredible people that we got to know!

Dresden Soare in Malmo, Sweden

Did you know that Beethoven got deaf when he was in his late twenties? Neither did we, but now we know. The event was held in the High Court in Malmö, a beautiful building that was perfect for the evening and the event. First, Iris Muller from the German Tourist Board held a small speech and welcomed us to the event. Then they had two great sommeliers that talked about the wines that we were about to try and then the feast started.

We were seated at a table with Torsten Puschel, Managing director Ski World Cup Dresden). In January of next year, there will be a ski competition in Dresden and it’s really nicely arranged. The visitors come super close to the contestants and it’s all about sustainability = we are in love!
Dresden event Malmö

Interesting people talking about Dresden

Jurgen Amann, Managing Director of Dresden Marketing Board taught us a lot about the city and its surroundings. We have never been there before and we were invited to go on a fam-trip there. Unfortunately, it collides with another press trip that we will be doing so no luck there. But we have decided that we will visit Dresden later on (maybe in the summer) and explore the city and its surroundings.

Dresden is located perfectly – right between Berlin and Prague. It takes about two hours by train to go to Dresden from either city. And it’s the capital of Christmas markets in Germany. In the city of Dresden, there are 11 different Christmas markets and in the whole region, there are about 30 different markets. Who knew?!

Dresden has a lot to offer

We are super impressed by Germany. In the last month, we have been to both Hamburg and Lubeck and we loved both cities. Actually we are currently writing posts on both cities so keep your eyes out for places to visit while being in Hamburg and Lubeck. Dresden is yet to be explored by us but we did understand that we want to explore the surroundings while being there.

If porcelain is your thing a visit to the Meissen Old Town is a must. And then there is the Sember Opera House and Saxon Switzerland and the Moritzburg Castle. Well, the list goes on and on and we can’t wait to go there!
Dresden event Malmö

FIS Ski World Cup Dresden

The world cup is a great event that will be held in the beginning of next year. My favorite part of this event is that it is fun for the whole family and the sustainable thinking. The snow that is produced is made out of 100 percent rainwater and with 100 percent green energy. All the tickets are valid for public transport. So when you buy a ticket to the world cup, you can also go by bus to other places.

The thing is that sustainable tourism is a must and Dresden feels like it’s at the forefront of that. While we got the information about the city – they all spoke in terms of taking the train and not going by plane or car. And I believe that it would be great to combine a trip to Dresden with a trip to Prague or Berlin!
Fis Cross country world cup Dresden at event in Malmo

Wines of the region

This is one of the smallest wine regions in Germany but they have 850 years of tradition and a 55 kilometres wine route that is a must to see. We got to try some sparkling wine called “Sect” that was really good. For the appetiser we got Schloss Wackerbarth Goldreisling from 2018. It’s a white wine that’s only made in the region.

For the main course, we got a glass of red wine, Schloss Wackerbarth, Dornfelder 2016 and that was also really good. With the guidance from the best two sommeliers, Cathryn Trollsås and Carin Creydt, we all learned more about the German wines from this region. I can imagine that a wine trip to Germany would be awesome!
two sommeliers, Cathryn Trollsås and Carin Creydt

Eating a great three meal course

As a starter, we got grilled scallop, lemon pickled Chanterelle, brioche, browned cream, roasted pumpkin and spruce oil. All served very nicely plated on a hot plate. The main course was Deer steak with brown celery cream, crispy cale, pickled celery, leeks and juniper berry. It was the perfect combination of flavours and we all enjoyed it really much.

For the dessert, we got Mascarpone sorbet with sea buckthorn curd, candied almonds and red oxalis flowers. And to the coffee there were also homemade chocolate truffles. Did I need to say that we were super happy with the whole event?! Thank you Germany Tourism Board, Dresden Marketing GmbH and FIS Ski World Cup Dresden for inviting us to this great event!
Dresden even food
Dresden even food
Dresden even food
Dresden event food


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