Charter a dinghy and sail around Capri

There are a number of companies that will charter you a Dinghy in Capri and the Amalfi Coast. A couple of them are located on the island and they are pretty easy to find. Go visit glue grotto on your own without a busy schedule.

Charter a Dinghy in Capri and go around the island!

What: You charter a boat without a skipper and go around the island of Capri, Italy
Where: In the port of Capri, Italy
Price: Starts at 70 € per boat for 2 hours and holds 6-8 people on board. You pay per boat, not per person! If you wish to add hours, You will get a better price if you rent it longer! You are skippering the boat yourself.
Suitable for: Anyone who wants to take a boat around the island and there is no license needed for u to do so.

How does it work:

There is a path they want you to follow and you will get the information needed before you go. They also point out the “gems” as well as where you can swim, snorkel and just enjoy life! It takes about 2 hours to sail around the island if you go in a “normal pace”. You need a minimum of 3 hr and a little boat experience in my opinion.
Other: Well worth the money! We had super nice with the “gang” from Azamara and everyone enjoyed life to the fullest! Capri is a truly magical and beautiful place!
You can rent all different types of boats on their website

A trip along the coast by boat is definitely a must during any stay at Capri. Out at sea it´s easier to escape the heat for a bit. Go snorkeling around the island instead of fighting for shade with the crowds. This was a awesome idea to do while in Capri. We Found a awesome restaurant on the other side of the island where the crowds don´t reach.

Charted dinghy in Capri

We just had to stop for a swim!!!

Can you see the “face” in the mountain wall?

Charted dinghy in Capri

The beautiful Azamara Journey in the background …..The cruise we came here with!!!


  1. Jennie

    va kul 😀

  2. chris

    ryser så vackert!

  3. Katta

    Superf fint ställe!

  4. Sara

    Man blir ju avundsjuk på er!

  5. Natalie

    Vet ej om jag vågat bada där

  6. kajsa

    Häftigt!! Ser superhärligt ut 🙂

  7. zaida

    guu så ressugen jag blev nuu!!!

  8. Pedda

    kanonbra tips att hyra båt undra om man kan göra det på fler ställen


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