Motorhome recipe – Spring rolls without frying

Last updated Oct 29, 2021

Spring rools recipe
Living full time in a motorhome is great. But sometimes it can be a problem to figure out what to eat. We have no oven and don’t want to fry too much inside the motorhome. Here is a great and social motorhome recipe that you can easily make. Think tacos or tapas but in a new way.

Perfect motorhome recipe – spring rolls

There really is no recipe for this meal. You can put whatever you want inside the spring rolls. We want to share our way of doing the spring rolls but keep in mind that you can put whatever you wish inside. This food is perfect because it’s made really fast. It’s social because you each prepare your food yourself and best of all… it’s surprisingly good!

Spring rools a motorhome recipe

This is really easy to make and the only thing that you need to buy is the rice paper for the spring rolls. Otherwise, you can use whatever you have in your motorhome. You can buy the spring roll paper in assorted food stores around the world.

Spring Rolls ala Motorhome friendly

You need:

  • Spring roll paper (buy it at assorted food store).
  • Cucumber.
  • Carrot.
  • Avocado.
  • Bean Sprouts.
  • Broccoli (raw).
  • Scrambled eggs.
  • Halloumi.

Food in a motorhome

This is how you do:

  • Peel and dice all the vegetables.
  • Make scrambled eggs. If you don’t want to fry in your motorhome you can boil the eggs and dice them too.
  • Fry the Halloumi until the cheese gets color. You can use regular cheese and you don’t need to fry it.
  • Get hot water for the paper of the spring rolls.
  • Put the paper into the hot water until the paper becomes “slippery”.
  • Put the rice paper on your plate and put whatever stuffing you want inside the roll.
  • Close the stuffing within the spring roll and enjoy!

Ps: You can add some sauce for dipping! We sometimes use sweet chili sauce as dipping.

Why this food is perfect for the motorhome

First off all this is a very social dinner or lunch. Everyone is making their own rolls and it looks great. Perfect if you have visitors coming to visit you. Second is that you can put whatever you wish into the roll. Our recipe is just a suggestion and what we often use in our rolls. You can add or subtract whatever you like. Add some meat or shrimps to make it not- vegetarian.
Spring rools recipe

If you never want to fry something in your motorhome you don’t have to and you can still get a perfect meal that makes you fulfilled. Just add whatever you wish! And we feel like we are eating healthy while munching on the rolls. I’m not sure of the calorie intake but it sure tastes good. And it is really quick and easy to fix. No need to prepare for hours – not even half an hour!


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