The cutest monkeys!

Jan 2, 2014


In the Amazon there are plenty of monkeys but how many of those are tame? Juma Lodge has two babies belonging to the genus howler monkeys, and they are so cute so cute.

Tame howler monkeys in the Amazon

For once, it’s perfectly ok to pet and have play with wild animals and it is wonderful!
There is a poignant story behind the babies who are a brother and sister …
A tribe in the Amazon (yes they have tribes there) was out hunting and they killed the mother. They did not know that she had babies and when they did she was already dead. In the Amazon the tribes eat monkeys, parrots and so on. When the tribe discovered the babies they they took them to Juma Lodge and left them there. Now they live there temporarily and just enjoy all the attention they get from tourists.



The good thing is that even though they are tame now they will move when they become sexually mature. Juma Lodge had several animals living there temporarily so these monkeys are not the first once there.
They are free to come and go as they please, and their instincts will kick off when they become sexually mature. When they move, they will probably never come back.
These wonderful little monkeys always wanted to be among humans. They slept near people and ate near people and did not care what position, close to human is the lead word = sweet as sugar!


When we where walking they jumped up and sat behind our head, took hold of our hair and went with us. It was so crazy sweet and they kept a firm grasp during the whole ride!


These cuties latched onto us as soon as we were at the lodge and they were extremely careful to constantly be with us, cuddle, have fun, sleep, eat, play and just have a good time!
As we lay in the hammock we always had entertainment 🙂 Crazy Monkeys!!!

MonkeyOne can safely say that they brightened our stay there!


  1. Erica

    Så söööt! “Tvingade” min roomie att lyssna på smaskandet också! 😀

  2. Chris

    Ååh vilka sötnosar! Vill ha en apa!

  3. Malin

    Vilka sötnosar 😀


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