Den Bla Planet

Last updated May 24, 2021
Den Blå Planet
The Blue Planet is Northern Europe’s largest aquarium, located not far from Kastrup airport outside Copenhagen. It is a relatively newly opened aquarium and the location is perfect. If you have a layover in Copenhagen and a few hours to kill then this is a good idea.

The Blue Planet (Den bla planet)

Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet

Shoals of Piranhas.  We did try to fish and cook these in the Amazon.  How do they taste? As regular white fish does 🙂

Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet

Our coolest experience there? These monster fish that also come from the Amazon. Mini and I was not lucky enough to see them when we visited the jungle so this was a pleasant surprise – to see something this odd in reality.

Den Blå Planet

Den Blå Planet

Even if you have been to lots of different aquariums, there is always something new to see in them.
The Blue Planet is a nice, modern place, and it’s awesome that there is such a tropical feel, even if the aquarium is located in the colder part of the planet 🙂


Address: Jacob Fortlingsvej 1, 2770 Kastrup, Denmark
Opening hours: Open daily all year round. Mondays: 10:00 to 21:00, Tuesday – Sunday: 10:00 to 17:00
Price: 170: -DKK for an adult if you buy tickets at the door. 144: -DKK if you buy the ticket online.
Their website


  1. Sofie

    Spännande! Lite större än vårt Universeum här i Göteborg (som är Sveriges största har jag fått lära mig) 🙂

  2. Jessica

    Riktigt gott är det

  3. Jessica

    Hela min kommentar kom nog inte med?:/

  4. Kicki

    Ser riktigt mäktigt ut!..vore nått att besöka…behöver ju inte flyga så de ska jag väl fixa att ta mig dit 😉
    Tack för raderna…John mår rätt ok efter omständigheterna så de e bara att försöka hålla honom lugn ett tag framöver =)

  5. Sofia

    Jag har verkligen hajskräck numer sedan jag blev jagad av en på Maldiverna för ett par år sen 🙁


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