Driving through Europe – We have left Sweden

Dec 22, 2020

Driving through Europe It has been quiet in here. Lots of other things had to be done and we have been going back and forth if we should stay in Sweden or if we could leave. Now, we have left Sweden and arrived in Spain. But, it’s not what you think. We are not here on vacation. We are not looking for attractions or things to do. Read our post to see our plan for this website.

Driving through Europe

We drove from Sweden, through Germany, Belgium, and France into Spain. Before, we had joined a Swedish group on Facebook that was about driving from Sweden to Spain. A lot of information. And also, a lot of false information. We had no trouble driving through all these countries. We met police (even called them once – read more about it further down in this post) and we had no trouble driving with our motorhome with Swedish plates.

Someone even wrote that it was forbidden to drive through France. We heard that we weren’t allowed to go into Spain and that the roads were closed. We downloaded the app from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and looked for all the information on there. And that’s the only thing we can recommend you to do. Rules and regulations might change quickly so make sure to be updated.

Make sure to check on the “real” sights on what you can and can’t do. Don’t listen to people on Facebook, giving you rules and regulations – make sure to be informed while driving through Europe.

Our decision to travel

We know that a lot of people get upset when they hear that we are traveling during the pandemic. And we can respect that. However, we also want you to respect our decision. We are not traveling to have a vacation. This is not a trip where we will be exploring. We live full time in our motorhome and it’s a small one. When it gets cold and dark, we don’t want to be cramped inside the motorhome.

When leaving Sweden, we took all the safety measurements. I (Annika) didn’t leave the motorhome for five days! Five days without stepping outside. Mini only left to fill up on water and gas. We took it slow and stopped and worked along the way. And that’s why we are here – to work. Work on this website and work on articles. The roads were fine and we only had one incident – that almost had us turning around ☹️.
Working with our site

Getting hit by a truck in Germany

We took the ferry from Trelleborg in Sweden to Travemunde in Germany. The ferry entered the harbor at about 00:30 in the night. We drove to the nearest parking and decided to spend the night. Germany was just a transit country for us so no worries. After finding parking where we could sleep, we went straight to bed. Just as we were falling asleep, we felt how the car started to sway. Surely enough, we had been hit. Apparently, being parked is still not our thing!

This time it was a huge truck that had misjudged how big he was. He drove his trailer into our motorhome. We called the police and they came and took a report. The next morning we called our insurance company (Länsförsäkringar) and they were more than helpful. Within a couple of hours, the car was temporarily fixed and we were on our way down south. If you live in Sweden, we can wholeheartedly recommend Länsförsäkringar. They have never disappointed us!
Driving through Europe Driving through Europe

Getting some work done

The year 2020 is soon behind us and we are ready to jump into 2021 head first! We have warm weather and we have lots of work to do. Now we are in Torre del Mar. And we have some dear friends here – the people behind the blog Husbil kors och tvärs. They have bought an apartment here and it is so fun to be reunited again. Yes, we are careful and it was hard not to hug!

Now it is time to start running into the next year. We are currently writing about tea for a magazine and we have lots of articles that we need to finish. And after that, it’s time to get serious and update here regularly. You will get more about Dalarna in Sweden and also lots of things to do in Denmark! So be prepared! And for all of you driving through Europe – be careful!
Driving through Europe

Read about how it is to drive through Germany here.

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  1. Anna Majak

    Det är bara en dag kvar på det gamla 2020 året. Vi önskar er ett Gott Nytt 2021 År som vi hoppas blir bra. Njut av värmen, jobba på och vi ses till våren. Massor med kramar från oss! ❤️💞❤️


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