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Jun 6, 2020

Boats in a marina in Sweden near LångholmenWe are getting ready to explore Sweden. Sure, we were supposed to be in Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia but the world is still upside down and we feel that we need to respect that and stay “closer to home”. Sure, we live full time in our motorhome but that does not give us the right to not respect the rules.

Traveling two hours from home

The suggestion in Sweden right now is to travel within two hours of your home. Sure, since we live in our motorhome the whole world is our home but there are still some rules to follow. For example – our address is in Åhus in Southern Sweden. If we get sick, we should visit a doctor within our region. That’s the reason why we should not travel too far. The latest news is in – from June 13:th we are allowed to travel freely within our country!

We have been exploring Skåne (the southernmost region) and done some crazy things. One of them was visiting Nimis – an awesome piece of art! We have been playing board games like crazy and we have been spending time with the family. Now we are ready to leave. Ready to explore more of our beautiful country and ready to see new things.
Öresundsbron, Sweden from Limhamn, Malmö

Staying within the limits

We will follow the recommendations and make sure to be careful. Covid-19 is not a game and we are scattered with our thoughts when it comes to how careful you need to be. At the same time, we hate the feeling of being stuck and we have gotten the go-ahead to start traveling again. Oh, how ready we are.

Our weeks in Åhus have been great and since we are always traveling, it has been nice to spend some time with the family. There are a lot of changes happening around us and we are ready to take a step into the future, into exploring our own beautiful country.
Bromölla Scanisaurus

Taking up Yoga again

I used to do yoga. Each Monday, I would drive 20 kilometers to Kristianstad where I had yoga and meditation for three hours. Doing that gave me energy for the whole week. It was that kind of yoga with headstands and everything and I was actually really good at it. Now, 20 years later, I have the most awesome yoga mat in the motorhome and I’m constantly talking about starting doing yoga again.

Sure, I could do it by myself but I feel that I need guidance in the beginning. Now, I have been doing yoga for two weeks and my body already feels better. Mini is at the gym while I’m doing soft Hata yoga. This is something that I want to keep in my life forever!
Taking up Yoga again

Updating more about now

We have decided to start updating you guys on what’s going on right now. Usually, we only write about the things that we have done and the places that we like and recommend. However, we have noticed that a lot of people tell us that they want to know more about us. More about what we are up to now and more about our way of living.

Apparently, living full time in a motorhome, working as a journalist and photographer is something that people want to know more about and we are happy to oblige! If there is something special you want to read about, please let us know! And for now… Sweden here we go!
Updating more about nowÖresundsbron, Sweden from Limhamn, Malmö

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