Eating amazing Surf and Turf in Faro

Amazing Surf and Turf in Faro
I love me some good steak. This is a treat that I allow us to have when we visit restaurants. Other than that we usually don’t buy the steaks due to our economy. So far we can not afford to splurge on such a food because that is not cheap. But when we found the Faaron Steakhouse in Faro we knew that the food would be great.

Faaron Steakhouse in Faro

What better place to grab a great steak than at a steakhouse? So we went to Faaron Steakhouse during our travels in Faro and I am glad that we did. One of the best things is that this place is opened during the whole day. A lot of the restaurants in Portugal, in general, serve lunch and then they open again in the evening and serve dinner.

Mini and I like to eat our dinner about four o’clock and it is often a hassle to find a restaurant that is opened at that time. The steakhouse was open and boy did they serve great food!
amazing Surf and Turf in Faro

An amazing surf n’ turf

For those that don’t know what Surf n’ Turf is, it is meat and seafood all in one. It is a steak and then some shrimps or other seafood combined with the steak. I would not mix fish with meat (I think) but seafood and meat is a great combination. And I got a baked potato which is another thing that I really love eating!

Mini went a different way – he had a pasta with mushrooms. It was also really good so he was happy, even if he took some of my steak too. We didn’t have wine with our food, but it seemed liked Faaron Steakhouse had a large selection of wine.
For food and drinks our bill ended up at 39,50:- euros and that was for two beers and a sparkling water too.
Amazing Pasta in Faro

Information about Faaron Steakhouse

Address: Tv. Ivens 7, 8000-168 Faro, Portugal.
Opening hours: Daily from 09.00 – 24.00.
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amazing Surf and Turf in Faro


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