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Nov 28, 2018

Kristianstadsbladet finallylostSo apparently it is a big deal to sell all your stuff and move into a motorhome. Well, so much so that a newspaper, Kristianstadsbladet, wanted to do a story on us. That ended up in a follow up on the radio and then yet another article. We are on our way – our journey has started but it is a long way left before we get to the Canary Islands. 

Article in Kristianstadsbladet

So Lukas (a reporter at Kristianstadsbladet) contacted us about three weeks ago and said that they wanted to do an article about us – taking our motorhome to the Canary Islands. We scheduled a day to meet and talk. It turned out that the article became mainly about us living full time in the motorhome. And when the article came out it was huge. 

We got the cover and a full spread. The article gave us lots of attention. While Mini was inside the store, a super nice woman came and knocked on our door. She said that she had read the article and that they got super inspired to use their motorhome more. Now that is confirmation on the highest level. I got super happy that she took the time to talk to me about their motorhome and the way they use it. The people that subscribe to Kristianstadsbladet can read the article here.
Kristianstadsbladet finallylost

On the radio – without a voice

I had the worst cold ever when my phone rang, late Sunday evening. It was from the radio and they asked if we wanted to join them for an hour the next day. The subject was to talk about traveling and our way of living. On the bad side – I could not speak on Sunday and even if it was better on Monday, you could hear that my voice was crackling. I have not listened to the episode yet and will probably not do that because I can’t stand hearing my own voice.

Kajsa, a super nice reporter, came to visit us in our motorhome and spend a good two hours with us. Even if the segment on the radio was for a few minutes, we had such a nice time that she stayed for another hour after we got off the air. For you people that understand Swedish here you can listen to our minutes on the air. And if you don’t speak Swedish, you might want to listen to it, just so that you can laugh at my voice.
On the Radio

And once again in the newspaper Kristianstadsbladet

On Sunday it was time to leave Sweden and head for Spain. Yet again we got invited to meet with the local newspaper. It is always odd to be interviewed when being a journalist yourself. The result was a bigger article online and then a smaller thing in the printed version.

I am used to be the one making the interviews, but at the same time, it is fun to get the recognition and the promotion that being in a newspaper like Kristianstadsbladet or radio means. Now we have left Sweden and we will be updating more on where we are and what we are doing!


  1. Kors och Tvärs

    Kul med dem uppmärksamhet ni får tycker jag! Ni skriver intressanta inlägg och det ska bli spännande att följa er på Kanarieöarna

    • Annika & Mini

      Tusen tack för din fina kommentar! Uppskattas massor <3.


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