Mirador del Rio – Things to do in Lanzarote

Last updated May 29, 2021

Mirador del Rio LanzaroteMirador del Rio is a great place where you get an amazing view of the island of La Graciosa. Here you will also see how beautiful the landscape of Lanzarote actually is. It is one of the main tourist attractions on Lanzarote and once you go here you will understand why. Join us as we explore Mirador del Rio.

Mirador del Rio – Hidden in a rock

Mirador in Spanish translates into lookout in English and that is a really fitting name for this place. Once again Cesar Manrique has shown how he can intertwine nature and tourism in an amazing way. This lookout place is well hidden in a rock and it blends super well with its surroundings. But we are pretty confident in saying that this is the best lookout spot on the island.

Cesar Manrique wanted this place to be a part of nature and he really nailed it. There is a calm that gets to you, even though this place is often crowded. You can admire the view from several different lookout points. And the water has that perfect turquoise color and almost makes you want to swim. A tip is for you to bring a sweater since the wind can be pretty strong here.
Mirador del Rio Lanzarote
Mirador del Rio Lanzarote

Mirador del Rio makes you want to visit the island of La Graciosa

Being 400 meters up and looking at the island of La Graciosa makes you want to get over to that island. And it is well worth it so after seeing it from above, make sure to plan a trip there too. And while being at Mirador del Rio, you might also like to get something to eat or drink. There is a restaurant here that serves both food and drinks. The best part is that they have reasonable prices and are not overcharging like a lot of places with great locations do.

Also, make sure that you download the app from CACT Lanzarote where you can listen to more information about this place. You can read more about CACT Lanzarote and about the different sights that they have in this post.
Mirador del Rio Lanzarote
Mirador del Rio Lanzarote

Information about Mirador del Rio

Address: Carretera de Yé S/N Haria, 35541 Lanzarote.
Opening hours: Daily 10:00 – 17:45. During the summer they are opened until 18:45.
Entrance fee: 4,75 euros per adult. You can buy a combination ticket if you want to visit more places and save some money.
Mirador del Rio Lanzarote

Mirador Caldera – Another nice lookout spot in Lanzarote

If for some reason, you are not willing to pay the entrance fee to visit the Mirador del Rio, there is another lookout spot. The Mirador Caldera is free of charge and you can go here by car and then a small hike to the top. I do want to point out that we didn’t go here because the road felt to narrow for the motorhome, but from what we have seen it is a nice place.

No, you will not get the same amazing view over La Graciosa but you will still get a great view and it won’t cost you anything (well more than the gas and the effort of getting here).


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