Old Town Funchal was made for strolling

Old Town Funchal doors Old Town Funchal is a really nice and quaint place and also one of the most romantic cities we have been to. No need to have a map – just stroll around and be amazed by all the beauty. Join us as we check out the lovely doors and all the artwork and then join us for a visit to the farmers market.

Old Town Funchal – A must in Maderia

Old Town Funchal has a really old history and there are a lot of old buildings to see. We believe that the best way to explore Funchal is to just walk around and enjoy the amazing streets. Let yourself get lost in the narrow and cobbled walkways. Take your time to find new things to look at and maybe post on Instagram (Check out our Instagram and follow us if you like it).

This town used to house poor fishermen and their families. Today it has transformed into a hip and chill town that suits both locals and tourists looking to have a good time. If you want to learn more about the Old Town of Funchal you can join a free walking tour (free meaning that you pay what you think is fair). Sign up for the walking tour here.
Old Town FunchalOld Town Funchal - A must in MaderiaThe streets of Old Town Funchal Old Town Funchal - A must in Maderia

Look at all the doors in Old Town Funchal

One of the most spectacular things is to walk around and look at all the beautifully painted doors. It all started in 2010 when photographer José Maria Zyberchem wanted to transform the Old Town into a street where people wanted to spend some time. Until then, the Rua de Santa Maria street was only a cobble street where people passed to get to their destination.

José Maria Zyberchem started the painted door project and let different artists paint all the doors along Rua de Santa Maria and the surrounding streets. The result is amazing with around 200 painted doors. They are all different. While some are fun to look at, some are just stunning. We just loved strolling around looking at all the doors.
Old Town Funchal, Madeira has many doors with streetart

Farmers Market – Mercado Dos Lavradores

Mini and I have been to many farmer markets and a lot of them are nice. However, the Mercado Dos Lavradores in Funchal is the nicest one we have been to. Well, maybe not the fish market but the fruits and vegetables and spices for sure. As soon as we entered, we were so amazed. Imagine an exposure of colors and then add some more colors. Rows and rows of fresh tropical fruits in different shapes and sizes. Rows of chili hanging like necklaces where you can choose your spicy- level.

Did you know that there are several different kinds of passionfruit? I thought that there was only one but at the Farmers Market in Old Town Funchal, there were several different kinds and they all tasted different. I couldn’t refrain from buying some chilis for our own kitchen. Oh, how I love my spices.
Farmers Market has alot of fruit- Mercado Dos LavradoresFarmers Market - Mercado Dos Lavradores - Ladys selling flowers at the marketFarmers Market in Funchal MadeiraFarmers Market - Mercado Dos LavradoresFarmers Market in old town Funchal Madeira

Bar and restaurant street – Santa Maria

This is the place to be when the day turns into evening. We came here and ate at an amazing restaurant. You can read more about that here. Neither Mini nor I am big party people so if you are looking for specific bars and nightclubs – there are better articles that you can find that will help you more than we can.

But we recommend you to at least check out the restaurants along Santa Maria street. Hostel Santa Maria lets you cook your own food using granite stone. So when you come to Funchal – make sure to visit Old Town Funchal and check out the arts district with the shops and the painted doors. And get your groove on at Rua Santa Maria during the evening!
Bar and restaurant street in old town Funchal
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  1. Anna / boihusbil.se

    Madeira is one of the destinations we really want to return to. In May when the flowers is blooming everywhere. We are in love with Portugal, and how we soon can take our home (motorhome) back to the Atlantic Coast.

  2. Annika & Mini

    We are thinking of bringing our motorhome to Madeira – just waiting for the boats to start trafficking all year round! <3

  3. Anna Majak

    Vill gärna besöka Madeira!😍


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