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Sep 4, 2017

This post is done in collaboration with Auto Europe.
I love statistics. I love to read about trends and fun facts about how people travel. And since we are Swedish (and a lot of our readers too) it’s, even more, fun to see how the Swedes travel! Auto Europe has interviewed loads of people (almost 1 000) about their habits while going on vacation. This is how most of us travel!

How far do we travel?

According to the survey, the Swedes travel 3835 kilometers to get to their destination. And we spend an average of 56 489:- SEK for the entire vacation. But I don’t think that Mini and I are in that statistic. We often travel further – like Peru, Hawaii, South Africa and other places far away. But at the same time, we also spend a lot of time traveling in our back yard. If we would travel from Sweden (where we are from) we would end up in Turkey and Bodrum by car. And why not? Bodrum is beautiful and we have been there.

Things to do in Bodrum

By the Dalyan river, you just have to make a stop and take a real mud bath. That’s a really fun and great experience. And yes you will not be the only tourist here but you will have a great time.
Also, make sure to visit Bodrum castle. On a sunny day, the breeze is magical here! And one of my absolute favorites in Bodrum is the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus. The place has not that much to offer and all the pillars there are broken. You will only see bits and pieces of it, however, this is one of the ancient seven wonders of the world! This is what is left of the Mausoleum and if you like history you will love this place!

Swedes travel to bodrum

Bodrum is a really beautiful place.

Make sure to eat their kebab because it’s really, really good! Find a small diner and order either kebab or Turkish meatballs, called Köfte. Even if meatballs is a Swedish phenomenon, I must say that the Turkish meatballs are a lot better. They have more spices, better flavor and are a must try!

Getting a tan while on vacation

The survey shows that the average Swede will take three hours to sunbathe and they will hit the sun chairs by 11.00. Ok so, Mini and I are nothing like the rest of the Swedes because you will not find us sunbathing at all. There is so much to explore in the world that sunbathing is not a priority for us. However, we do appreciate a beautiful beach, taking a swim and walking along the water. And we always make sure to check out the beaches while traveling. Here are some stunning beaches that we can recommend from around the world!

Amazing beaches to visit

Flamenco Beach – Puerto Rico
This beach is often voted one of the most beautiful in the world and it’s easy to understand why. The unique part about this beach is the tanks that are left to fend for them selves. One of them is halfway in the water and it looks like a piece of art!

Copa Cabana – Brazil
There is a reason that songs get written about this beach. It’s amazing and it feels like this is a beach that is very tolerable. By that, I mean that you can be yourself and do whatever you please without anyone looking at you. We have seen people doing Yoga and playing with hula hoops and dancing without music. At Copacabana, everything is ok! And the nearby Ipanema beach is also stunning.

Swedes travel

Nothing is weird at Copa Cabana beach.

The beaches of The Maldives
Maldives are just as magical as they sound and I don’t believe that there are any “ugly” beaches in the Maldives. The sand is like flour and when you enter the water it looks like an aquarium underneath. Truly magical!

Entertainment while on vacation

The survey that was made by Auto Europe shows that Swedes spend quite some time on entertainment while traveling. And we also read a lot! I am surprised to see that we spend several hours each day with our mobile phones. I use my computer – each and every day but that’s my work. We are always having a “workcation” so our work is always combined with our travels. However, I do feel that the Swedes might be able to spend some time on some real entertainment instead of using their phone. There are several other things that they can do, like…

Some great entertainment

See a show
If you are in Paris, make sure to check out Moulin Rouge and if you are in Prague make sure to see a black light theatre. Find out what your destination is famous for and catch a show. My personal favorite are the different Cirque Du Soleil shows. You can either catch them while they are on tour or if you find yourself in Vegas, they have several shows there.

Catch a movie
Sounds boring and like something you can do at home?! Sure but sometimes the cinemas are more incredible when you travel. We have been to some spectacular cinemas. Like the  El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood. We got to see the premiere of Disneys Frozen. And in Bangkok, Thailand they have some incredible cinemas. Make sure to treat yourself to a VIP seat while visiting the movies in Bangkok.

Stroll around and find the hidden gems
Some of the best entertainment is to just stroll around and allow yourself to get lost. During a trip to Prague, we decided to just walk around and see where the roads took us. We strolled and just took our time, no guidebooks and no maps. Turned out that we found several of David Cerny’s artwork and I fell in love with them.

Food and drinks while on vacation

I was not surprised to see that we drink a average of 70 drinks while on vacation. That is really a lot of liquor if you ask me! Mini and I are not huge drinkers and the only time we do drink is when it’s something special, like Goldwasser while in Gdansk, Poland or going on a wine tasting while  being in South Africa.
About the food – I agree with the people answering the survey!

And while on the topic of food… here are a couple of restaurants that are incredible:

Eat like a queen while on vacation

Restaurant Absynt – Poland
A great restaurant that was made famous of Polands answer to Gordon Ramsey. This place is incredible and the food is just as spectacular as the restaurant itself. Make sure to visit this place while in Southern Poland.

This is more like entering a fairy tale than a restaurant.

Restaurant 150 Central Park at Allure of The Seas
Allure of the Seas was the flagship of Royal Caribbean for a long time. Today there are bigger ships but this used to be the biggest one. Their restaurant 150 Central Park is spectacular. They serve salt from all around the world and I can still remember the salt that tasted like eggs!

Restaurant Substans, Aarhus, Denmark

Michelin star restaurant in Denmark. In this restaurant there is no risk of gaining weight – the portions are not that big. However, it is a special culinary experience to eat at a restaurant that is this nice!

Feeling intimate while on Vacation

A lot of Swedes get intimate while on vacation. I am happy to be married and happily married. I will not get into Minis and mine intimate love life but here are some “lovely” things to look out for while traveling.

They are spreading and you can find them in most cities today. Look at bridges and when you see padlocks in a bunch you know that you are at the right place. This is a great way to surprise your loved once. Buy a lock and place it with the other locks. Throw the keys away and your love will last forever!

Love locks on a bridge in Poland.

Love and sex
While in Prague make sure to visit the Sex machine museum. It will show you the history of sex toys and how they have evolved. One of the first porno movies ever made is also played here. Awesome place!!!

Museum of broken relationships

No all love last forever. In Zagreb, Croatia, there is a whole museum dedicated to failed love. It does sound really depressing but the exhibition is actually a lot of fun. For example there is a numberplate from a car and a description that when the car broke down, it broke a heart!

Complaining while on vacation

If I ever hear another person say that “it’s to hot”, I’ll burst! Swede or not – most people complain. However I didn’t know that it was ten times on average. And we ask for directions on average three times. If you get a rental car (Auto Europe) provide them, make sure to rent a GPS. In that case you might not need to get lost ;).

This post was made as a collaboration with Auto Europe!


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