The largest Palmiarnia in Poland

Last updated May 24, 2021

Palmiarnia in Poznan
Poznan is the home to Poland’s largest Palmiarnia House or Palmiarnia as it’s called in Poland. This place was built 1910 and it’s still operating to this day. During our visit, we ended up in the middle of an opening ceremony for the Chrysanthemum flowers. Let’s just say that this was a very special experience!

The Palm House (Palmiarnia) in Poznan, Poland

Walk through four different climatic zones with palms and flowers. The climate changes when you are walking from place to place. But it never gets cold so make sure to leave your jacket in your car because otherwise, you will get way too hot (and not in a good way). This place is also the home of the first public aquarium in Poland. Ok so that was far from the best we have seen in aquariums but it was still cool to know that this place was the first in Poland.
Palmiarnia in PoznanThe plant house is a clean place. Come to think of it – when things are nice and clean you don’t want to make it messy. I believe that that’s one of the reasons why nobody throws any trash anywhere in the Palm House. This is a place of true beauty and of a warm climate.

Palmiarnia in Poznan, Poland

With 4 600 m2 surface area and 46 000 m3 of volume, this place is really huge. There is even a cafeteria where you can get something to eat or drink while visiting. There are loads and loads of plants to see here. Some of them are in huge pots and some are planted right into the ground. This is a Palm House that is being taken care of the old fashion way. There are no computers watering the plants and no mist that comes from the ceiling. Compared to other Palm Houses this is pretty old-fashioned. But it works and it works well!

I got to talk to the manager, Przemyslaw Szwajkowski. We had an interesting talk within the cacti area. It turns out that they have the largest collection of cacti in all of Europe. When I asked him why he thinks that people should come here – this was his answer:
– There is so much to see here and this place is more than a Palmiarnia. We also have several exhibitions and you can rent this place for a party or a wedding!

Palmiarnia in Poznan

The manager, Przemyslaw Szwajkowski.

Our visit to the Palmiarnia/Palm House

So like I wrote earlier – during our visit to the Palm House we ended up being part of an opening ceremony. Mini wanted to skip it but I wanted to see what the ceremony was all about. People kept coming dressed up like crazy and there was I with Bangkok pants and Mini in a hoodie. Ah well! It turned out that the ceremony was for Chrysanthemums that were put all over the Palmiarnia. After the ceremony (there were no cutting ribbons) We got to meet the vice president of SITO in Poznan.
Palmiarnia in PoznanI will not write about our conversation because it was not a nice one. I did not like his way of thinking one bit and his values were so far from ours that it’s crazy. Although he did say one thing that sounded very interesting. He is making carpets out of flowers. Yes, carpets out of real flowers. But I did enjoy our visit here and if you do get to Poznan and have some time on your hands this is a good way to spend an hour or two.
Palmiarnia in Poznan

Our personal tips on the Palmiarnia

This is a nice place to visit but we did find some things that could be made better for the future. Here are some things that we noticed and that we would love for them to improve!

  • They have birds in cages. There is no need for that. The cages are small and there is nothing that adds to the Palm House by keeping those birds there. A tip is to get rid of the birds and to have some speakers with birds chirping if they want the atmosphere.
  • They have a room with butterflies. However, all the butterflies are dead and stuffed. This room was really a downer because let’s face it – in a Palm House, you can have real live butterflies. To have them dead is just weird!
  • But all in all, this is a perfect place to go on a date :).
    Palmiarnia in Poznan

Information about Palmiarnia, Poznan

Address: Matejki 18, 60-767 Poznań, Poland.
Opening Hours: Tuesday to Saturday: 09.00 – 17.00. Sundays 09.00 – 18.00. The ticket office closes one hour before so make sure to get here in time to get your tickets.
Price: 9:- Zloty per adult (2017).
Palmiarnia in Poznan


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