Traveling gets you loads of friends

Jan 20, 2017

Traveling is more than just exploring the world. It is also about exploring people and different cultures. Over the years we have met people that have become friends and we have continued to travel together.

Traveling = building friendships

Usually when I hear the saying “its a small world”, I object. It is not a small world. People who say that are just moving around in the same places. The world is a big place to explore and to see. But sometimes it seems like the world is small. For example this story when we meet our travel friends again.

From the Amazon to Dubai

During a trip to the Amazon we met a super fun and friendly couple, Laura and Steven. We spent a lot of time laughing and exchanging travel stories and just had a good time. Fast forward a couple of years. Mini and I are laying in bed, checking our emails and relaxing after a day of touristing. Enter Facebook and we see that Laura (or Steven) have posted that they are in the United Arab Emirates. We messaged them and a couple of days later we met up at a mall and ate some ice cream together. In that moment, the world fell very small. I mean… what are the chances of us being at the same place twice and at the same time?! So much fun!

Mini, Annika, Laura and Steven in a bus in the Amazon rainforest 2013

Steven, Laura, Annika and Mini in Dubai new year 2014-2015

From Hawaii to Europe

During our honeymoon we went on a cruise to Hawaii. There we met Ron and Vanessa, a couple from USA. After spending a week together we decided to do a roadtrip in Europe. Said and done. We met up in Spain, took a cruise the next year and then continued on a two week backpacking through Europe. A couple of years later Ron (not together with Vanessa anymore) came to visit. This time we took our car and drove around in Europe. 11 countries in 3 weeks.

Ron,Vanessa and Annika on a cruise in Hawaii 2009

Ron on a moose safari in Sweden 2014.

From Hurgada to Luxor and back

Our dear Hassan from Egypt and Rickard from Sweden. A crazy trip with shady cabdrivers, checkpoints and hiding in the back of the van on one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Come to think of it, I will wrote a post on that crazy day. Hassan is still in Egypt and we feel like it is time to visit him again.

Rickard and Hassan 2009 in Egypt

While in Greece

Amanda and Chris were on their honeymoon and we were on a press trip on a cruise around Greece. Me and Amanda klicked immediately and now they have twins and are happy. We hope to see them soon again!

Chris & Amanda Godwin from 2012 on a cruise in the mediterranean.

Finally in Stockholm

Freedomtravel is a Swedish blog that I have followed since 2009. This is one of the original Swedish travel blogs. We have been writing to each other for so long but we had never met in real life… until the end of last year. During a travel exhibition I finally saw them and we got to meet each other. We hope to meet Helena and Peter soon again!

Freedomtravel 2016

This is just a small part of the people we have met that have made an impact on our lives. Now when we will be living on the road – think of all the people we will meet!



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