Volkswagen is re-releasing the hippie van!

Sep 15, 2016


OMG! The hippie van is back! This have been a dream of ours to own a true hippie van. The problem is that a lot of them are in “bad” shape and they drink a ton of gas. The new version will be electric!

Volkswagen Hippie van!

It looks like Volkswagen may be re-introducing the cult-classic with a modern twist of sustainability to create the ultimate form of hippy transportation. It will be powered by electricity and not fuel. While we are already dreaming about it the new electric model is still just a concept car and is not yet out on the market.

If Volkswagen does revive the beautiful old bus from the dead? We can only hope that it maintains the original aesthetic. Rather than slapping the VW logo on a car and trying to make it cool. Mini and I have been talking about getting one hippy van instead of our RV but we figured out that it would actually cost us more. But if this will come out and be as cool as the original – we will be there, drooling over it.

While we were in Puerto Rico we stumbled upon a Volkswagen van exhibition and we both felt that we were in heaven. Neither cars were for sale but we still had the chance to dream! And it is a dream that might come true. Ok so if we are being honest… It might be to small for 100% living out of but who knows… the future will tell!

This is such a great looking van!

This is such a great looking van!

This one had a tent on the roof.

This one had a tent on the roof.

Can it be more hippie?

Can it be more hippie?

We can see us living in one of those.

We can see us living in one of those.

So cute ;)

So cute 😉


They are so nice that we loved everyone of them!


Not all of them were in mint condition.

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