What memories do you take back home from your trips?

Mar 7, 2017

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Not all people travel as much as we do. We were born to travel and sometimes (more often than not) we want to bring memory’s back from our travels. Although we are not the “souvenir buyer” kind of people. We don’t buy a fancy soap to give away as a memory of our trip. We love to buy things to eat and drink and let our friends and family try it out.

Huge beer tasting with Czech beer

We spent a week in Prague and what is The Czech Republic famous for? Beer and beer and then some more beer. Mini spent the whole week trying out new local beers. I am not a big fan of beer. In all honesty, I can’t seem to taste the difference between them. We decided to buy all the different kinds of Czech beer that we could find and bring back home for the greatest beer tasting with our friends. Needless to say, we had our car there so it was easy to stuff the car full of beer.

Did you know that the Czech people drink about 156 liter of beer per person/year! That makes them the highest beer drinking people in the world! When a child is born it does not take long before they start to stick their small fingers into the foam of the beer. They start early!
Beer bottles with ice

Czech Snacks and weirdness

A beer tasting is not complete without all the right snacks. We bought a lot of snacks while in Prague. Chips and sausages and weird flavored cookies. We had over 100 0f different beer to taste. I don’t think I need to say that we did not open all of them. The beer was held chilled in our bathtub and we took turns choosing which one to taste. It was really fun and we had some of our closest friends attending. Some of them know their beer and let it be known that I am not one of them.

In all honesty I do believe that this beer tasting was kind of lost on me. To me it all tasted the same – like beer. While the others were marveling over the difference in taste and bitterness and all of that. I only tasted the difference in one beer and that was a “cannabis beer”. No this does not get you high – even if you drink a whole barrel. This beer is just flavored with the plant! However it tasted like cr*p.
Hashish Chips as a souviner

A fun way to bring your travels home

What I mean to say with this post is not that you have to fill your car up with Czech beer while there and share it all with your friends and family. However you can buy five or may ten beers and have a tasting while back home. This is a great way to interact with your friends and to be able to share your travels without anyone yawning or getting bored. We love this idea and we also had a tacos night after coming home from Mexico. We did not have any beer och tequila during that evening. Instead we had lots of different spices and sauces that we bought in Mexico – the land of the Taco.



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