Casa Fatima – A home away from Home

Casa Fatima in Valle Gran ReyCasa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera is your home away from home. We got to spend a couple of nights here and it was cozy and nice. There were even cookies waiting for us when we arrived. This is a family-owned house that they rent out to tourists. It’s not close to the beach but it’s really close to nature and to great hiking trails. 

Casa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey

This place became our home for a couple of days and it was everything we wanted. This place is part of the Ecotourism in La Gomera and you could see that they were trying their best to be sustainable. For example, they have different bins so that you can separate your waste. There is a fully stocked up kitchen with all the utilities you might need.

We didn’t do any cooking on our own but we checked the kitchen out and it had everything. Well, not food because you will have to buy that yourself but we had coffee, tea and other basics. There was also a disposal trey where you should pour your oils. We have never heard of separating cooking oil from the rest of the food waste but apparently it’s not good for the environment.
Casa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey
Casa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey
Casa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey

A great house at your disposal

Casa Fatima can host a whole family so it was way to big for us. But we only used one of the bedrooms and the “main room” and it was nice. At first glance, It feels like Casa Fatima is in the middle of nowhere. Quite soon, we orientated us and saw that there are two restaurants within walking distance. And we are literary on one of the most popular hiking trails of La Gomera.

We decided to go outside since we had a couple of hours to kill before it was time to continue to explore the island. First, we went to one of the hiking trails for a walk. It was incredible. La Gomera has many nice trails to offer! When we came back, we wanted to sit outside in the yard for a while. However, it was to windy so we ended up going inside. When you stay here, you are also welcome to all the fruits that grow in the garden.
Greeting card at Casa Fatima
Casa Fatima in Valle Gran Rey
Nature at Casa Fatima

Best place to explore the National Park

If you are planning on hiking in La Gomera, this is a great starting point. Staying at Casa Fatima will get you right into the trails and there are several to choose from. You can hike during the day and then relax in the house during the evening. If it gets chilly, there’s even a fireplace that will keep you warm.

We can definitely recommend this place for everyone that is visiting La Gomera. It is a home away from home and you will surely feel great during your visit! And we want to thank you to Fatima for letting us use your paradise for a couple of days!

Address: Las Hayas, 20, 38870 Valle Gran Rey.

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