Alcacer do Sal – Where we found our paradise

Alcacer do salAlcacer do Sal. Or maybe the right word should be “The forgotten city of Alcacer do Sal. However, this is the city and the place where Mini and I had total relaxation for a week. We were supposed to stay for one night but ended up staying for a week. This is where we found our paradise and heaven on earth. 

Alcacer do Sal – relaxation guaranteed!

During our months in Portugal, traveling around and exploring the country, we found a lot of magical places. We went to a lot of cool places and we ended up getting information and experience of hundreds and hundreds of attractions. So what was so special about Alcacer do Sal? Well, we are not sure exactly what it was. However, this is the place we often talk about. When we are talking about a vacation we say “and we can relax like in Alcacer do Sal”.

We were supposed to stay at the camping for one night but ended staying for a week. There was something keeping us here and we kept adding nights so that we could stay some more. It was about 1,5 kilometers to the city center and we would walk there almost every day.
Alcacer do Sal Map

Campsite Parque de Campismo

I believe that this is the only camping in town. There were several parking spots in the city center where the motorhomes were parked but the Parque de Campismo was a camping with all the facilities. Since we were there during low season, we were pretty much alone at the campsite. There was another Swedish couple but they told us that they did not like other Swedes so we only had that one chat – yes that is a true story!

The camping had really nice facilities but the best part that it was located really close to two large supermarkets. Lidl and Intermarche. And at Intermarche we could do laundry so that was perfect. This was the first time that we pulled out our table and chairs outside and let the marquise out. I started each morning by walking to the store, buying fresh bread for breakfast.
Alcacer do sal Camping
At the camping in Alcacer do Sal

Parque de Campismo – quaint and nice

We recommend this camping and this small town to everyone traveling in Portugal. There were not many tourists in the city. Well, there were not many people there at all – this town feels a bit forgotten. At the camping, they have a pool but since it was cold, we never went for a swim. I can imagine that this place is magical during the summer!

The price for one night is 15 euros for two persons. They are connected to ASCI and all of them working there are super friendly and will help you with everything you need.

The forgotten city of Alcacer do Sal

A lot of people come here when they want to visit the fishing village  Carrasqueira. That was also our reason for staying here. Carrasqueira was incredible but so was Alcacer do Sal. Being a small town with about 13 000 people living there, they offer a lot of things for their visitors. We ended up just strolling around and forgot being tourists but here are some things that you can do if you want to explore the city.

  • Cripta Arqueológica de Alcácer do Sal – Here you will learn a lot more about the towns city. Entrance fee is 3 euros (2018).
  • Castle of Alcácer do Sal – The castle that covers quite a huge area of the town. Entrance fee is 1,50 euros to see the crypt.
  • Santuário do Senhor dos Mártires – A nice church that is well worth a visit.

Alcacer do sal

What’s up with the laundry in this town?

There are a lot of abandoned houses and buildings in Alcacer do Sal. A lot of the stores that are still operating seem to have the same inventory as they had when the store first opened. But the one thing that we noticed the most was all the laundry – all over town! There was laundry everywhere – hanging from the windows of the apartments. The lovely fresh smell was all over.

There was a washing station in the middle of the town. A place where the women (yes, there were only women here) met and did the laundry by hand. We have seen that in several places in Portugal but this was the first time that we saw it in the middle of the city.

So yes, Alcacer do Sal was our paradise. I really can’t explain why, it just was! If you have been there or have plans of going there, please leave a comment and let us know what you think of this small hidden gem in Portugal!


  1. Anna / Boihusbil

    Så mysigt att hitta platsen med stort P. Vi letar vidare, en vacker dag står den där framför oss. Vår stad/by. Där vi vill stanna längre.

    • Annika & Mini

      Det var så sjukt otippat att hitta vårt lilla paradis i Portugal! Men ack så mysigt där var!

  2. Kors och Tvärs

    Alltid roligt att läsa era inlägg. Vi anländer Portugal i morgon för att börja vår upptäcktsfärd 😃


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