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Art is not always that easy to understand. I love art that you don’t need explained to you. That is exactly the art that ARoS is all about. Art that is just art! This place is truly a wonderful place and it is easy to understand that it is called a Michelin experience.

ARoS Aarhus Art Museum

This place will blow you away. There is a huge rainbow on the roof, need I say more?! When you enter the museum you will see “Valkyrie Rán” an artinstallation that is made by Portuguese artist Joana Vasconcelos. This is art made out of textile. It is 50 meters long and stretches over several floors (eight to be exact). During the evening the Valkyrie will light up and there is music playing. There are also balloons that are making the artwork fly. Yes it is kind of weird but oh so cool. I believe that it is up to you to decide what it is you are looking at.
Textile art inside ARoS in Aarhus, Denmark

A lot of nice Art

Without a doubt my favorite was “The Boy”. It is a boy that all but small. He is huge but at the same time he is so perfectly made that you are waiting for him to get up and walk away. There are a lot of cool exhibitions and some of them are interactive. Some of them are permanent and some of them are changed after some time. You can easily spend a couple of hours just strolling around here and you can not leave before you have visited the rainbow at the top!
The Boy From ARoS, Aarhus, Denmark
Las vegas art trailer from ARoS, Aarhus, Denmark

Rainbow Panorama @ ARoS

This is a different kind of experience. You will see Aarhus from above and in different colors. We were here both during the day and during the evening. I loved it either way but when we got there during the evening, there was not many people up there. For me it was kind of a meditation round. I just walked round and round and as the colors were changing – I felt more and more calm. In all honesty I would love to do yoga up there! Many someone shall propose that to the museum – Yoga in the rainbow?!
You can get great pictures of Aarhus up here but in all honesty… the best pictures are of the rainbow itself. This might also be one of the best places to take a selfie.
Rainbow panorama in Aarhus, Denmark

ART Café @ ARoS

While visiting ARoS we can also recommend the café. We had our lunch here and it was out of this world. No it was not as much food as we got at Frøken Koch. In all honesty it was far from it, but at the same time – it was so good. I am a true foodie and I love to try new things. I also appreciate when the portions are big enough that I know that I will be full. At the Art Café the lunch is not huge, not even big but at the same time it is so good! Our lunch was served in very small portions that we should share but the flavors were amazing. There was a white fish with blueberry and hazelnuts. There was salami and pickled onions and different kinds of cheese and jam. New flavors that we had never tried before and once again… so good. The cheese was by far my favorite and I almost wanted to marry the cheese!
ARoS food,Aarhus, Denmark

ARoS food in Aarhus, Denmark

Information about ARoS

Opening hours: Monday: Closed. Wednesday: 10.00 – 22.00. Rest of the days: 10.00 – 17.00.
Address: Aros Allé 2, DK-8000 Aarhus C, Denmark.
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