Aarhus Street Food – where you can afford a meal!

Last updated May 24, 2021 | Published Feb 4, 2017

Street food, Food court Aarhus, Denmark

Lets face it, a lot of the restaurants in Aarhus might be on the high end side when it comes to prices. If you want to eat great food but not spend a fortune? Just head to Aarhus Street Food and find your favorite food. 

Aarhus Street Food

Think a flee market but with food. Imagine an old train station – rustic and all. Combine them and you have Aarhus Street food. The best thing is that you can afford to eat here. A dinner will cost you between 50 – 70 danish crowns. The problem here is to decide on what you want to eat. There is food from all over the world so loads to choose from!

When you enter your mouth starts to water due to all the great smell. You just walk around and find your favorite for the day. Buy it and then sit in the middle on benches. What is really great here is that you can sit together with your friends even if they choose another booth to buy from.
A sign Wine not at Street food, Aarhus, Denmark
Street food, Food court Aarhus, Denmark

Modified Containers with food

A lot of the booths are containers that are modified to fit its purpose. This is also a detail that makes this place look even more rustic and quaint. And I love the fact that you can all sit and eat together. And you can drink a beer or a glass of whine as well.

Aarhus Street Food was opened partly because of all the students that live in the city. They all need to eat and a restaurant is not always an option. Here they can eat for a fair price – and we all love that!
Street food container, Food court Aarhus, Denmark

Information about Aarhus Street Food

Address: Ny Banegaardsgade 46, 8000 Aarhus C
To see their opening hours and more information about the food, check out their website: http://aarhusstreetfood.com
For more things to do in Aarhus: Check out this city guide


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