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Last updated May 24, 2021

Restaurant Froken koch

It is well known that they serve great big portions in America, where all the food is super sized and huge. Well now you can get the same amount of food in a restaurant in Aarhus. Say hello to Frøken Koch.

Frøken Koch Restaurant in Aarhus

Jesper Koch is the Koch brother that have been on the judging panel of the Danish Masterchef. Together with his brothers Michael and Lasse they have three restaurants in Aarhus. One of them is Frøken Koch. Translated into english the name is “Miss Koch”. Each of their restaurants offer different kinds of food and Frøken Koch is marketing it self with uncomplicated food.
Restaurant Froken koch Aarhus, Denmark building

Inside the restaurant

The Table

Danish Home Cooking

In the summer you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. We were there with VisitDenmark and had dinner. What an amazing experience. Our knowledge of the danish home cooking is not that good. In all honesty, when I think of Denmark and food I only think of the danish pølse – a red sausage. Meanwhile this was a totally different experience! This is truly a prime restaurant that is also recommended by the White Guide.

White Guide is a Nordic version of the world famous Michelin star restaurants. Countries that are involved in the White Guide are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Greenland, Iceland and Estonia.


And after the dinner we had, I can really understand why this restaurant is recommended in the White Guide.

Our dinner experience @ Frøken Koch

The restaurant is really rustic and beautiful. First of all, the company is always important for the experience and our company was great. A lot of journalists and photographers talking about travel and writing. Needless to say that I was in heaven!

The starter was a huge shrimp sandwich. I have never either seen or been served such a huge starter before. Fresh shrimps on really good bread and just simply amazing!
Restaurant Froken koch shrimp sandwith

The main course – Ribs with potatoes and lingonberries. This was also a huge portion and so good. The bones would just leave the meat and the meat melted in the mouth. I do believe that Mini and I were the only ones that actually finished of the whole main course. The talk around the table was mostly on how much food that was served. For a high quality restaurant to serve such huge portions is truly unique!
Restaurant Froken koch main course

And lets not forget the desert! lemon fromage with heavenly treats in a wineglass that was humongous! The result of this fantastic dinner was that we all rolled out of the restaurant.
You know the feeling you get after a christmas meal or after thanksgiving? Well this was the exact same feeling as a result of loads of food!

Information about Frøken Koch

The restaurant is closed during winter. It opens in March 29th.
Opening hours are Tuesday to Friday 12.00 – 22.30.
Address: Kystpromenaden 5, 8000 Aarhus C.

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