Black light Theatre – “Aspects of Alice”


Theatre Fantastica in Prague are offering a black light theatre called Aspects of Alice. Let it be known that the theatre is named fantastica and that this is not our review of the show. In all honesty… it was pretty bland. 

Black light theatre in Parague

So while in Prague we decided to watch a theatre that Prague is famous for. Black light theatre. The distinctive characteristics of black theatre are the use of black curtains, a darkened stage, and black lighting (UV light), paired with fluorescent costumes in order to create intricate visual illusions.

There are several different theaters that have these type of performance and we chose to se Aspects of Alice that is about Alice in Wonderland. The price per ticket is 720:- Czech krona (which is quite expensive).  The theatre itself was beautiful. I bought a glass of wine and some candy. The candy was so cute and nicely presented that I couldn’t resist.

What about the theatre? In all honesty… it was not that great. I was not that impressed but I still enjoyed watching the whole thing, sipping my wine and trying to understand the synopsis of the play. Mini however literally fell asleep. When there was a break he woke up and was ready to leave. All in all this was not the best of plays we’ve seen. But in saying that I do believe that while in Prague – check out a black light theatre. Maybe choose another one than the one we saw.

Wine and candy = life at its best!

Wine and candy = life at its best!

Mini was not so impressed :)

Mini was not so impressed 🙂


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