To do in Prague – Museum of torture

The Museum of Medieval Torture Instruments in Prague. If you are into the bizarre and freaky – this is definitely a to do in Prague for you! Let us take you inside the museum that made us fascinated and scared at the same time.

Museum Of Medieval Torture Instruments, Prague

Imagine walking into a museum with 400 m² of pure torture. Not freaky enough? Imagine walking behind a man that has a notepad and is drawing and making notes while walking around. Yes that is what we got to see. Almost like an extra (in a movie) this man was calmly strolling around the exhibition, admiring the different instruments. Sometimes he would scribble some notes and take some measurements with his fingers. That was the most scary thing. We spend a while making up stories of  how this man was here for inspiration for his torture-chamber.

Spikes and clubs and a lot of pain

All of the instruments have either pictures, drawings or writings to inform you of how they were used. Some of them will make you feel the pain – just from seeing a picture. Imagine your knees being crushed, I think it hurts like h*ll! Spikes in a box that they lock you in. A chair with nails that they strapped the person to. Yes a lot of gruesome instruments here, thats for sure!

A lot of sexual torture

What I found interesting were all the sexual torture instruments. Chastity belts for women I have seen before. But I have never seen a penis-lock. How painful must that be? A lot of instruments that the tortured person would be seated on. Imagine getting a “pole” up your a*. Or a saw that would split you in half, starting from your private parts. This museum makes me happy that we do not use the same torture instruments today!

A to do in Prauge

Information about the museum

The entry price (2017) is 160 Czech crowns.
Museum středověkých mučicích nástrojů
Celetná 12, 110 00 Praha 1
Open daily 10.00 a.m. – 20.00 p.m.

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