Gulliver park – The worlds coolest playground

Gulliver park in Valencia
Gulliver Park. It is a giant adventure for small people (ok and adults to). We had an amazing time climbing and playing here but if you come here with children – be careful because the safety is not the best. Mini banged his knee pretty bad while sliding down Gulliver’s arm.

Gulliver park – from the  story of Gulliver Travels

Author Jonathan Swift wrote a book about Gulliver, a giant that comes to “Liliputland” and gets captured there. Meet Gulliver in the park. He is 70 meters long and is pinned down to the ground. His whole body is your playground. Wow – that almost sounds sexual but it is all fun and games here. You enter the park, free of charge and then you are allowed to climb and play as much as you want.

His body parts are remade into climbing walls and slides and there is a big area to cover if you want to explore the whole sculpture. Make sure to get to the highest point so that you can see him from above. It took me a while to figure out what I was actually looking at when we got to the park. Since he is so big and you are standing so close to him – it takes a while to grasp “what is what” on this guy.
Gulliver Park from above
Gulliver park in Valencia, Spain

How about safety?

I’m not sure and I had no one to ask but this park is not the safest to play at. Not that anyone will mug you or anything like that but you might hurt yourself while climbing here. I decided to slide down his knee and I burned my elbow. I know it sounds like that’s nothing and yes I survived. But if I was a child I’m pretty sure that I would have cried.

Mini went down a slide by Gullivers arm and he ended up wobbling and banging his knee pretty bad. We still laughed but at the same time thought of all the people that might get hurt here. I also ended up straining my ankle when my foot slipped. I’m not writing this to scare you off from climbing this creature. You have to explore him. But we do want you to be careful while being here. There are no safety nets or anything and if you fall it will be a long drop.
The Gulliver park in Valencia

Gulliver park – cool or a little scary?

When I stood at the top – looking at Gulliver laying strapped to the ground I saw a creepy guy that had fallen. While I felt like it looked like a scene from a war movie, Mini saw this cool playground. And when we started climbing, I felt like I was walking inside Gullivers intestines. Hmmm, maybe I am weird that way.

Anyhow this place is a must while visiting Valencia. And even if you don’t have any children – check this place out! It is open daily between 10.00 and 20.00
Gulliver park


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