Human Body Museum in Bangkok – Do you have what it takes?

Human body museum Bangkok
This is not an tourist attraction suited for all, thats for sure. If you do not want to see real dead humans with our skin and in different shapes and forms than skip this attraction. For all you morbid lovers out there. Head for the Human Body Museum in Bangkok.

Human Body Museum, Bangkok Thailand

At first you might think that you are lost. The museum is located inside a university and is more a teaching place than it is a tourist attraction. Then you will feel like you have entered an episode of “Dexter” because yes – there are actual dead bodies here. But they are not lying in a casket or nothing like that. Here the humans are skinned of the skin and sometimes flesh. You can see the muscles and everything that is hidden under your skin.

The Exhibition at the Human Body Museum

Human Body Museum

Picture by: Asia Web Direct

The exhibition is made out of 14 dissected people from Japan. I do believe that the people donated their bodies after death – at least I really hope so! This place is disturbing, there is no way around that. However it is really interesting to see. I learned a lot while here but I did block out that these were actual human bodies. In my mind I made them to be dolls. Dolls that show you what is inside your body. The entire digestive system appears so long it’s hard to believe it can all fit in the small cavity of our body. The corpses are split open, cut in half or neatly sliced, you can even touch the bodies or weigh a real brain with your hand!They also have fetuses in different stages. Sounds scary?! It was surreal, thats for sure!

Information about The Human Body Museum

Opening Hours: 10:00 – 16:00 closed on weekends and national Holiday
Address: 9th floor of the Dentistry Faculty Building of Chulalongkorn University.
Entry Price: Free of Charge!


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