Phuket 3D Museum – Trick your eyes in Asias hot attraction

Phuket 3D Museum, ThailandPhuket 3D Museum or the trick eye museum as it is also known is an attraction in Phuket Town that you might want to check out. This is a great place where you can spend several hours and we can promise that you will laugh. There was only one downside to our visit – and that’s all on me and my “neurosis”.

Phuket 3D Museum – where pictures is a must

A lot of museums won’t allow you to take pictures. At the Phuket 3D Museum, it’s almost mandatory to take pictures. At least that’s the point of the whole visit. Even before you enter the museum you can see what it’s all about. The so-called trick eye museum is a place where you can get some really awesome pictures due to the illusions that are painted inside the building.

Sometimes you get some sort of props that will help you create the perfect illusion and in the end – the perfect picture. For us, the 3D Museum in Phuket was the first one we saw but it was definitely not the last one. This kind of place must be a huge thing in Asia because we saw them everywhere in both Thailand and Malaysia.
3D Museum is perfect for InstagramTiger VS suitcase
Phuket 3D Museum - where pictures is a must
Phuket 3D MuseumPhuket 3D Museum

3D Museum is perfect for Instagram

So to make it all clear for anyone of you that haven’t been to a museum like this. There are paintings on the ceiling and/or the floor. You find your position and pose for the camera. The result becomes pretty cool if the picture is taken in the right way and angles. At the Phuket 3D Museum, they have pictures. If you aren’t sure how the picture should be taken – look at the picture and imitate that.

While walking inside the Phuket 3D Museum you will see a lot of different famous artwork with a twist. It’s super fun and awesome.  There are more than a hundred places where you can be photographed so it takes a while to go through the whole museum. And that becomes even more true when you are like me…
3D Museum is perfect for Instagram

Our experience of the Phuket 3D Museum

We had a great time here and we took hundreds of pictures. However, as I wrote in the first paragraph – my neurosis kicked in and I felt the need to get photographed with each and every single painting there. And let’s be honest – after a while, it’s not as funny to pose anymore. At the same time, I wanted the full experience!

There are a lot of different 3D museums around the world and a lot of them are in Asia. However, after spending several hours in the museum in Phuket, we didn’t feel the urge to visit any more of them. If you haven’t been to a museum like this, make sure to check it out. And take lots of pictures!
Our experience of the Phuket 3D MuseumAngels in Phuket

Information about Phuket 3D Museum

Address: 130/1 PhangNga Road, Taladyai, Muang, Phuket 83000 Thailand.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 19.00.
Entrance fee: 500 bath per adult (15 euros).
Website for the museum.

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