I Could Live @ the Dokk1 library in Aarhus, Denmark

DOKK1 sign

I like to visit libraries. It was not as fun when I was studying and had to go to there. However now I love it and I believe that we will spend a lot of hours in different libraries around the world, working on articles. One library I would love to work in is Dokk1 Library in Aarhus.

Dokk1 Library in Aarhus, Denmark

A library is seldom something to write home about. Sure they are beautiful and the calmness is worth mentioning. But in all honesty, when we write about attractions and things to do and see while traveling, libraries are seldom on the list. This is an exception because Dokk1 is a must to visit while in Aarhus.

Ranked as one of the worlds best libraries, this place will probably impress you. From the outside it does not look as impressive. I still wanted to see it from inside so off we went.
Inside DOKK1 Aarhus, Denmark

Read a book while looking at the water

For starters, this place is huge and I mean really huge! You can get lost just wandering around the bookshelves. But I do not think (although I don’t know for sure) that it is the impressive collections of books that has made this library to one of the best in the world. Grab a book, the have an international section in english also if you don’t read danish. Find a comfortable seat or a couch near the windows overlooking the water and just enjoy!

Some people even had blankets that they snuggled into while reading. It all looked amazingly peaceful and I told Mini that I want to go back here and work from this place.
Dokk1 viewing the water

Make your own food – or buy from the cafeteria

Ok so you can bring your own food to a lot of libraries and eat it there. However this is the first time I have seen a whole dining room with lots of microwaves and all the things needed to prepare your food. That is a great thing and very impressive due to the fact that they have a café and are selling food there.

I believe that this is perfect for all the students that maybe not have that much money. And then you can have what ever you want to eat and you can warm it up to!
A globe at Dokk1

Play games both boardgames and video games

I have seen boardgames in cafés before and maybe even in libraries – at least for children. I have never seen playstation, x-box and loads of games for people to play for free. How great is that?! Not all of us can afford to buy a playstation so this is a great way to let us all enjoy ourselves. I do believe that this is helping to keep the youth of the street. I truly hope that this will spred to other libraries.
Game area in Dokk1
Movie area at DOKK1

Learn about disability

There is a whole area that is dedicated to teach about means to help when you have a disability. Some of the things are really high-tech, like a robot that will feed you. Other things are quite simple, like a hairbrush with an extra long handle – for people that have trouble to lift or bend their arms. Anna Foss showed us around the exhibition and we learned so much!
– It is important for people to know that there is help. You do not have to suffer just because you have a disability. Come here and we can show you different options. It is also important for non-disabled people to know what is out there so that they maybe can help someone when that day comes, said Anna Foss.

We could not agree more. Disabled or not – you need to check this out!
Learn about disability Dokk1

About Dokk1 Library

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 08.00 – 22.00. Saturday – Sunday 10.00 – 16.00.
Admission is free!
Address:Hack Kampmanns Plads 2, 8000 Aarhus C.
Website: https://dokk1.dk/english
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