Keep your travel photos organized

Aug 11, 2017

photos organized
This is a post of importance. It’s important because don’t you agree that pictures and videos that you capture are one of the most important things you will ever own? For me – our travel pictures and videos mean the world. And I’m one of those people that actually look at our travel pictures – and do it daily!

Back up your travel photos

In a couple of years, it might be that all of us have all our stuff online (somewhat like iCloud). And I do believe that a lot of you have your backups online already. For us that it still not an option. The main reason for that I need to have them with me at all times. When you have them online you need to have access to wifi all the time. And yes, there is wifi in large parts of the world but there are still places where there is not. And then there is the fact that some countries have super slow wifi and then it would take forever to get to our pictures.
photos organized

We are currently working on doing all the backups and cleaning our external hard drives. Ok yes, we have a lot of them! In all honesty, I think that we are set for a couple of years. But we are not taking all of them with us – far from it. Most of them are used purely as backups. We scatter them with our family so that we always know that we have them – no matter what happens.

Choose the right size for your hard drive

I remember when we got an external hard drive that was 1 TB (1 000 gigabytes). That was huge we thought! Yesterday I just got my brand new 5 TB:s. Yes, that is the largest external one on the market right now. It is made by Seagate and I really like their hard drives. Before I had to carry around 5 or 6 hard drives in my bag at all times. Now I will have 2!

Sort your Media

We travel a lot and we take a lot of pictures so they do take up a lot of space. Now it feels like they are all over the place and are not yet sorted. Ok, I will let you know that our last six trips are not yet organized. I know that’s bad but now we are working like crazy – doing loads of backups and sorting pictures. I have two weeks left at work and before we leave Sweden I want to be done with all the necessary backups.

Travel picture and videos are the most important thing

There are not that many materialistic things that are important to me. If I break something I usually don’t get upset over it. I have some things that are important to me and those things I have on me at all times. The hard drives are included in that – they are the most important. If we would lose them, we would lose all of our pictures and videos. All of them, not only from the travels we have done! That thought scares us so much that we ALWAYS make backups.

Travel photos organized

And we want you to pause for a while and think of all the pictures you have on your computer and on your cameras or phones. Do you often do backups? If not – take our advice and start doing that! The more we travel the more external hard drives will be needed – And we love it!

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  1. Travelsis_

    Bilder, är fantastiskt att ha och hjälper oss att minnas. Jag är oxå så rädd om mina bilder, det skulle vara katastrofalt att bli av med dem. /Pernilla


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