Momondo seminar for the winners in Copenhagen

Nov 26, 2018

Momondo workshopMomondo invited all the winners from their Open World contest to come to Copenhagen for two days. There we mingled with other travel influencers and bloggers. We met peoples from several countries and learned more about momondos secrets to their success. Winter has come to Copenhagen and it was really nice!

Momondo Open World seminars and workshops

This workshop was the main reason why we ended up postponing our trip by almost two months. The winners from Italy, Spain, Germany, Austria, Finland and Sweden all met up and spend two days at momondo. Day one started out with a workshop but since Mini and I arrived in Copenhagen a couple of hours earlier – we checked into the hotel and took a nice walk in Copenhagen.

When we are in Åhus, we have about an hour and a half to Copenhagen but for some reason, we rarely come and visit. That will change next year because we got super inspired to come back and explore the city some more.

Momondo open world winners 2018

The momondo open world winners of 2018. Photo credit: Allan Kortbæk, momondo

The Scandic Front Hotel

Complementary of momondo, we got to stay at a really nice hotel with a really great location. The room was nice but the best part was by far the bed! The bed was huge and so comfy that we could have slept all day. When Mini went to bed he looked so small lying in that huge bed. I didn’t think of it as big until we went to bed. The bathroom was also really nice and I loved the tiling on the floor. It was like walking on rocks.

So super comfy beds but also a really good breakfast. I love (love love) hotel breakfasts and at the Scandic Front Hotel, they knew their food. I ate the yogurt that I prepped with cornflakes, nuts and different berries. When we come back to Copenhagen, we wouldn’t mind staying at this hotel again.

If we shall mention something that wasn’t great it would be the elevators. They were so small! It said that they could carry eight people but we were four and when the fifth person entered the elevator started to alarm. Now if that would have been me entering the elevator I would have felt really bad and gotten self-conscious about my weight.

Information about The Scandic Front Hotel

Address:  Sankt Annæ Pl. 21, 1250 Copenhagen, Denmark.
Price: from 1200:-DDK (160 euros) for two persons. 1345:- DDK (180 euros) with breakfast.
Phone number: +45 33 13 34 00.
Scandic front hotel

Momondo workshops

We got to hear a lot about how momondo work and how they created a strong brand for themselves. I think that we all got really interested and touched when they showed the famous DNA-test that they did a couple of years ago. Do I need to tell you that we NEED to do the test? It would be awesome to take the test and see where we have our roots. If you have missed the DNA-test and the movie – here you go! Make sure to watch it because it is really awesome!

We will contact momondo and see if there is a chance for us to take the DNA-test and then we decided that we would travel to the different countries and explore them. How awesome does that sound?!

Wonderful Copenhagen on Localhood

One thing that got us super inspired in coming back to Copenhagen soon and explore some more are the guys, Martin and Bjarke, from wonderful Copenhagen. They focused on localhood and how there is so much more to explore than the city center while here. Sure, most of us want to see the main sights but a lot of us also want to explore and find new stuff. In Copenhagen there is a lot to explore that is outside of the city center.

I was thinking of visiting during the summer and explore all of Copenhagen. We have been to Skagen, Laeso and Arhus before but Copenhagen is yet not explored. And that really is a shame. And since momondo has their head office in Copenhagen, we would also visit them and say hello.
Nyhavn Copenhagen
Nyhavn Copenhagen

Build shit that matters

This post will not be a reveal with all the “secrets” we learned – this is not that kind of blog. However, I want to let you guys know what the most important thing we learned was. “Build shit that matters”. This will be our motto from now on. We are often struggling with the mix on our website. Do we want to write it like a journal? Where people can follow us and look into our lives? Do we want to promote places? So far we are mainly focused on the promoting part. But we do see a rise in the audience each time we write about where we are and what plans we have. The personal diary-posts rank high so we have talked about getting some more of that content into our blog.
Build shit that matters

The most important thing is to stay true to yourself and to do what you love and believe in. Build shit that matters in a sentence. I believe that my heart is leaning more to promoting amazing places than to sharing personal things about our lives. But at the same time, it is fun to read the response that we get when we get personal. Sure our “promoting” articles are personal too but not in the same way. We’ll just have to see where this road ends and how this site will grow!

Mingle and dinner and bread baking and loads of fun

Our first day we had the most incredible dinner. It was comfort food at the momondo office and it was so nice! We had cauliflower, tender meat, meatballs, a nice salad and other super nice dishes. I got to try artichoke for the first time. Well, at least it was my first time peeling it from the artichoke itself and dripping some lemon on it. After the dinner we got outside and made our own bread (well we grilled it – the dough was already made. And there is a story to this – a story of how this big world can feel so small.

While on a press trip in Poland we met Sanna from Finland. In Poland, we spent time baking bread at Karola Bobers place. Now, about two years later we met in Copenhagen and held our sticks of bred over an open fire. How awesome is that? She was just as beautiful than ever and it was so nice to meet her again.

We also got to hang out with Daniella that is a blogger from the same town as us! She is a Swedish blogger that writes about travel. Wellmade articles with loads of inspiration.

And the evening ended with me – giving my self a face mask that showed my mood. Sparkly, happy and content!

Thank you everyone that made these two days so amazing! Thank you momondo for arranging this and thank you to all the people in wonderful Copenhagen!
momondo baking bread
momondo workshop and dinner
A glitter facemask


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    Hoppas din förkylning är kvar, hemma i Sverige 😊

    • Annika & Mini

      Den är borta nu tack och lov! Nu är vi i Sevilla 🙂


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