National Pantheon in Lisbon is magnificent

National Pantheon in Lisbon, PortugalNational Pantheon needs to be on everyone’s list of “must visits”. This is one of the most impressive buildings in all of Lisbon and there is so much to enjoy here. And this is also a perfect place to get some wind in your hair on a hot summer day. 

National Pantheon is huge

National Pantheon in Lisbon is an amazing place. And not only because it is huge and impressive and great and awesome (I think you know where I’m going with this). This is one of the best places to cool down during a hot day in Lisbon. Because the first thing that hits you when you enter this place is how perfectly chilly it is inside. That and then you will probably lose your breath to how big this place is from the bottom to the ceiling.

I don’t think that I have ever seen such huge vaults before. And thanks to the steps you can explore this whole place and see every nook and cranny. You will walk around both inside and outside. Some parts are not for the fainthearted or for people that are afraid of heights.
National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal
The National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal

National Pantheon is taller than life

I love places that will take your breath away. Mini and I are pretty spoiled when it comes to seeing impressive buildings but we were both impressed by the Pantheon. When you see the building from the outside and it is sunny, you will see how awesome it looks when the shade hits the white fasade. For me, it was the first time when I could see it so clearly. Sure I have seen shades on buildings before but this was special so make sure to check it out if it is sunny.

Inside there is a video with interesting information, like that the army kept their weapons there and they also used the National Pantheon for shoemaking (yes the making of shoes).

Did you know that there is a curse on the National Pantheon? The curse was that this place would never be finished. And it took really long time to finish it since there were a lot of things that happened during the building of the National Pantheon.

The National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal
National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal

Looking over the city

Out on the terrace, you are not afraid even if you are afraid of heights. You feel safe because you are never “at the edge”. From up here, I learned that the travel company TUI have their own cruise ship. I thought that I kept track of the cruise ship companies but I guess that I was wrong.

During our visit, there was a huge market going on in the area and we could see the whole market from above. But if the sun hits in the right spot the terrace becomes bright like crazy and it might be hard to see without sunglasses.
Magical view from the National Pantheon in Lisbon, Portugal

Feira da Ladra market in Lisbon

Information about the National Pantheon

Address: Largo de Santa ClaraLisbon.
Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday: 10.00 – 17.00.
Entrance fee: 4 euros.


  1. Anna | Boihusbil

    Vilka ljuvliga vyer! Så svalka, vyer och historik, det kan bli en trevlig stund 🙂 Noterat ner för vårt besök i Lissabon i vinter.


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