Museu Colecao Berardo, Lisbon

Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Museu Colecao Berardo – One of Lisbon most visited museum. And I understand why because this is a really cool place. They offer both permanent- and temporary exhibitions. There is a lot to see here, but like always when you visit a museum – there is a lot of weird stuff here too.

Museu Colecao Berardo

Mini is not a huge fan of museums and he was not as impressed as I was. But there were things that he liked. I wish that I could write that my favorite part of the exhibition was the permanent one but it wasn’t. That was not that impressive and a lot of the art was “what Mini doesn’t call art”.

We often make jokes about paintings. Like if we see a blank canvas we can say that it is a piece of art – a white cow in heaven or something like that. In this case, our joke came true (well almost). I am in no way trying to make fun of artists. I respect their work and I am often impressed. However, in this case… not so much.

Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon

The permanent exhibition

Don’t get me wrong, I did find a lot of stuff that i really liked in the permanent exhibition. Like a perfect stroller. It was a stroller that had like a cage inside of it. I know, it is bizarre and horrible but at the same time, it is so cool! No, I would not use that to our own child (if we would have one) but it is such a cool piece of art.

And there are a lot of cool pieces in the permanent exhibition that is called (1960 – 2010). And the museum is huge. It costs 5 euros to enter but if you come on a Saturday, it is free of charge to enter the Museu Colecao Berardo. But I found my absolute favorite in the temporary exhibition called “No Place Like Home”. And I really loved the paintings. Some of them were coming out of the frames. Abstract and wonderful!
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon

No Place Like Home

My first thought was IKEA because the logo where it said “No Place Like Home” is written in the same (or very similar) font as IKEAs logo. This place impressed me very, very much. I saw an old movie where a woman showed how to use kitchen utilities and then I saw a man destroy parts of the exhibition – now how can’t you just love this place? More on that later 😉.

Things at the exhibition that I fell in love with:

  • A robot that was made out of tv sets. Now, how awesome is that?!
  • A fan that had toilet paper in it and the paper was flying in the wind. I found this really meditative.
  • A honey shower – yes a real one! Oh, how I longed to take a shower in there.
  • A tv playing an instruction on how to use kitchen utilities. This was so incredibly exaggerated that it was so funny. And I do believe that when the movie was made, it was for real! It was a woman that said “spoon” and then she moved her hand like she was stirring a pot. Hilarious!

If you ever get a chance to see the exhibition “No Place Like Home” – DO IT!
And about the man that destroyed parts of the exhibition. Well, that was not that bad. He did not get mad and kick stuff down. He was admiring the fan with the toilet paper. As he was backing up he accidentally walked into an arranged pile of tiles that were part of the exhibition. A security guard got angry and told the visitor to back away. So just a bit of drama there!
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon
Colecao Berardo in Lisbon

Information about the Museu Colecao Berardo

Address: Praça do Império, 1449-003 Lisbon, Portugal.
Opening hours: Daily 10.00 – 19.00.
Entrance fee: 5 euros. Free on Saturdays.

The museum is not far from Jeronimos Monastery & the world known Pasteis de Belem.


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