New year with life on the road

Jan 1, 2017

On the road. It is a new year – 2016 was great but 2017 will be even better. We are currently in Poland, combining work with pleasure. I love it here in Poland but the expectations for this new year are making me want to get-started-already!

Life of travels on the road

I finished 2016 by getting rainbow hair. Yes if there ever is a time to get crazy it is now. If it would have turned out ugly? Then it would have been a “stupid thing I did last year”. Luckily I am loving my hot pink, turquoise, blue and lilac hair. Poland is good to us. We have been exploring this country like crazy and we find new stuff all the time that we want to visit while on the road.

Thanks to the Polish Consul in Sweden we got to spend some amazing days in Wroclaw. We made an article about it that you can find here (note that it is in Swedish). Most stuff is in order and we are so ready to start our life on the road. We did not take the RV to Poland because we flew to Wroclaw and then my parents picked us up. Christmas was spent with the family. So when are we back in Sweden? Don’t know yet – maybe in the middle of January?

Hello 2017 – lets hope for a great year with loads of travel and time on the road!


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