Slow Life in Pomorskie, Poland

Jun 12, 2017

Gdansk Poland
The plane touched down in Copenhagen on Saturday afternoon and we are super excited and happy with the trip! It has been amazing with a lot on the agenda. We have eaten so much food that it’s impossible to describe. We have snorted tabaka and made lavender soap and cradled bread. The fun is over for now but we have loads of information to share!

Press trip with Nordic journalists and photographers

It’s so nice to go on press trips. There are so many positive things that it’s impossible to list them all but some of them are:

  • You get to see great stuff and the highlights of the area.
  • You are shuttled everywhere so you don’t have to think about the logistics.
  • Eating at great restaurants and sleeping at great hotels.
  • Meeting amazing people, both other journalists and photographers but also knowledgeable locals.
  • Making lifelong friendships!
  • In one word PAMPERING!

Interesting visits in Poland

We have been baking bread, drinking vodka, horseback riding, eaten at fancy restaurants. Laughed so much that our stomachs hurt. We made cheese – yes made cheese, it felt more like we were going to perform surgery. Listened to interesting stories about Gdansk and it’s history. Visited Kashubian region and enjoyed the nice views and the lavender farm. We have bathed in hot water and in cold water. There’s been so much and we’ll tell you all about it in loads of posts. One thing’s for sure… Poland is Awesome. Or like I would say it in Polish… Poland is Przesuper!
Gdansk collage

Meeting amazing people


This trip we also got to spend with some amazing people. We had Pia and Helene, the great journalist and photographer that had worked together for 20 years. And yes they were almost like a married couple. Hedda, a journalist from Norway that thought me that breasts are called pupper in Norwegian – how cute is that? Hanne, a journalist from Denmark that we have met before while on another press trip in Wroclaw. Sanna from Finland, our goddess that looked incredible! I think that we all were breath taken when she came down for dinner in an amazing dress and bright red lips 😍.

Slow life new friends

Sanna is baking bread.

Slow life new friends

Helene and Pia are doing the same thing!

Anna from the Polish tourist board came with us during one day. She is great and easygoing so we got to joke a lot! And Monika from the Polish Tourist Organization. We have had the honor of meeting her a couple of times before but this time we got to spend a few days together. She feels like a true friend – like someone you can talk to about everything. And then we had Arek – our guide and wisdom of knowledge during this trip! Orest, our great driver that joined us and took us to all these places and of corse all of the nice people we met at the different places.


  1. Monika

    PRZESUPER inspirations!

    • mini

      Thank you Monika for everythig you are przesuper!!!

  2. Monika

    I mean: przesuper introduction to the inspirations;)


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