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Oct 8, 2018

Travel updates
The people that follow us and don’t just stumble upon our site might have noticed that we have been posting articles on Portugal. However, if they look at our “Where are we now” it says Åhus, Sweden. That is true with some modification. This summer we have been in Sweden – but not in Åhus all the time. So what have we been up to and what’s next?

Summer at the Local Newspaper – Kristianstadsbladet

This summer has been crazy to say the least. We have been working our butts of, me at the local newspaper “Kristianstadsbladet” and Mini has been delivering food and taking pictures. We worked practically nonstop for the four months that we have been in Sweden. And even if it sounds like we are whining, that is not the case. I had an amazing time being a journalist, meeting lots of interesting people.

On the downside has been the maintenance on our website has been pretty bad. When you work 13 days in a row, it is hard to sit down and write an article. However, that is all in the past because now we are ready and eager to update more!
Travel updates

Meeting amazing people this summer

There has been a lot of interesting meetings this summer. It is hard for me to choose just a few to mention but there are some that made a huge impression on me that I want to share…

  • Sarita Skagnes – An amazing woman that was born in India into a family that didn’t want a daughter. Her father tried to kill her and then they left her in India to work as a slave. Today she lives in Sweden and has dedicated her life to helping women to become independent. She also wrote a book about her life that is called “Just a Daughter”.
  • Filip Lindgren – A super fun guy that hosts “Dinosaur hunts” where you can find shark teeth in the sand that is 80 million years old. And there is a “finders keepers” mentality. Filip is an amazing guy and the perfect host when it comes to all things dinosaurs.
  • Birgitta Rasmusson – The queen of cookies in Sweden. She is well known as a judge in a Swedish television show that is called “Sweden is baking”. She was so interesting to talk to and had so much interesting information to share.
  • Reine Gunnarsson – One of the people that I learned the most from this summer. He is visually impaired and started a company to help others that have bad or non-eyesight. I spent about an hour with him and went from the interview as a “new” person. His knowledge made me appreciate my vision so much more.

And these are just a few of the interesting and amazing people that we met.

Hanging out with family and (some) friends

Ok so this is an honest article and I want to point out what happens when you move into a motorhome and leave for several months – they forget about you! We have stayed in touch with some of our closest friends but most of them have vanished. I was looking forward to seeing them when we got back. At the same time, I felt that most of them had not called us once since we left. At first, I called them all and stayed in touch but after a while, I noticed that I was the only one calling them.

After a while, I stopped calling and waited for them to call us but nothing happened. And since we got back to Sweden, we tried to meet up with our friends but nothing happened there either. So no we are leaving soon again and there are still some friends that we have not seen. This is so sad – that friends don’t seem to care about us anymore. If some of them read this – you know who you are! But we spend loads of time with our families!

It is time to leave Sweden

Mini has set the date for the 15:th of October for when we leave. First, we are going to Hamburg of a week or so and then we are heading for Spain. Last year we spent several months in Portugal and this year we will be in the Canary Islands.

Yes, we are taking our motorhome to the Canary Islands and will be traveling around the Islands for a couple of months. We are super stoked about this and are currently making all the planning on what we want to explore on each of the Islands. Are you joining us?
Canary Islands



    I am in charge of the Campsite where they spent several days in Vila Franca de Xira. I have followed you weekly since your work is very interesting and useful. I do not know if they went to the Equestrian Center of Lezíria Grande, because I have not seen anything written yet. A little kiss to Annika and a hug to the Mini and thank you for the tea in your motorhome and for the good conversation of sharing of knowledge.

    • mini

      Hello Mario
      So nice to hear from you. We are going to publish more from Portugal and we loved Equestrian Center of Lezíria Grande. We will be posting all about our experience with the horses and the camping 🙂

  2. Mário Saldanha

    Hello Mini
    I was a fan of you. I am daily reading what they publish and where they walk. Your written work and photos are exceptional. I loved doing the same in my life. Be happy. :):)


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