Pokemon Go in Portugal and my first EX-Raid – EVER!

Pokemon in Portogal
Pokemon Go – the magic game that keeps me walking for hours on end. People that know me know that I love to Pokemon and people that don’t know me – well now you know. I love Pokemon Go. Portugal is a great way to catch these cute creatures!

Go for Pokemon Go in Portugal

I will assume that you all know what Pokemon Go (the phone app game) is while writing this post. But, if you for some reason have been living under a rock for the last year then you might want to google it. For me, Pokemon Go takes me out on walks “with a purpose” that I would have missed otherwise. And for me, that is the best part of the game. Why do I walk? Well to hatch eggs of course. Yes, you might want to google that too :).

So during my walks, I often visit a gym (in the game and not in real life) and defeat the other Pokemon’s there. And then I leave my own to control the gym. I force Mini to take on bosses with me and I spin the wheel at every pokestop I find. My mission? To catch them all (currently, there are 370 and I have 310 0f those).
Pokemon in Portogal

Finding Pokemons in Portugal

I am happily surprised by all the nice Pokemons that I have caught during our stay in Portugal. There are cities where there are not that many and then there are cities that are totally overrun by these small things. Like Monsaraz for example – that town was full of the stone- Pokemon “Geodude”. And then there was the Ilha Deserta that had the cutest one “Torchic” all over the island.

I can’t wait until we get to Lissabon and I will get to do some serious Pokemon catching there! But first thing’s first. And the reason why I am writing this post is actually to tell you a story, a story that was incredible for me and where travels took me to likeminded people!

Getting an invitation to Ex-Raid in Vila Vicosa

I will not bore you with all the details but I just want to share a story that meant a great deal to me. We were tourists and traveling in Vila Vicosa a couple of days ago and I took over like five or six gyms while there. Later in the evening when I was lying in bed I got an invitation, a raid-pass that I had never seen before. It turned out that I was personally invited to attend a battle on February 11:th between 13:00 – 13:45. This would be a chance for me to catch one of the most rare Pokemon called “Mewtwo”.

So after Mini had accepted that we would stay close to Vila Vicosa for another four days (which was not our plan) I went online and read all about this raid and my chances to catch this rare Pokemon. I will not bore you with that – instead, I will share a video with you that tells it all.

Mewtwo catching in Portugal

This video shows you how far off I am to other “trainers” (yes all of us playing the game are called trainers). For people that don’t play Pokemon Go, watch the video to see how special events work. And for all you trainers out there… did I get Mewtwo? Was I alone when the battle was about to start? HOW DID IT GO?

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