Press trip to Aarhus, Denmark

Oct 10, 2016


I am currently packning and preparing for a three day trip to Aarhus, Denmark. We are about to go on a three day press trip to Denmark and we are super excited. You do not always have to travel far to do some great touristing.

Aarhus, Denmark, Culture Capital in 2017

I have never been there. Mini has been there but not as a tourist. He spent his day at the hospital when his sister got sick so he has not seen the city. This is a press trip and while there we will explore the best things that Aarhus has to offer.

Sure the travel time is currently not the best due to our moving date but at the same time – who says no to a trip? Previously I have been in Denmark at a press trip to Laeso and Skagen, that was more than great so we have high expectations for this trip as well.

And I love the fact that we are only flying for 40 minutes. Usually when we fly it is like 10 hours straight so I like that this is a short flight!

We are doing a job for Expressen, Allt om Resor so we will not be posting anything from their at the time. But I will let you guys know when they print and publish our article so you can read it then. And after that we will give you more information about Aarhus.


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