Sandhammaren Lighthouse

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

Sandhammaren lighthouse lays in the middle of the sand dunes of the Swedish southern coast and is well worth a visit. You will have the best view over the beach so don’t forget your camera.   

Sandhammaren Lighthouse

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

This is a nice place to visit with no ending sand dunes and beautiful landscape. To visit this place you need a car or… Why not hike “Skåneleden” a route that goes along the coast. That will take you through this place as well!

Sandhammaren One of Europe’s largest ship graveyards

Sandhammaren at the most southeast corner of Skåne (and Sweden) is known as one of Europe’s largest ship graveyards. The unpredictable wind conditions were a nightmare for skippers. There was a time when the skippers and crew were not able to swim so they could not abandon the ship.  So when the boat went down the skipper and crew drowned. There is a big Board located at the Sandhammaren beach with all the ships that sank outside Sandhammaren during the last couple of 100 years.

Sandhammaren Lighthouse Sweden

About the lighthouse

The lighthouse at Sandhammaren was built in 1862 and designed by engineer Nils Gustaf von Heidenstamsgatan. You can find Sweden’s first life-saving stations here. The station was in operation until 1945 when it was moved to Kåseberga. It is possible to walk up the lighthouse and there are a lot of volunteers that will give you interesting and mindblowing stories about this place. It is free to visit the lighthouse while here.

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse

The story of Sandhammaren Lighthouse


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