Thoughts from The Road – The “fake” Puerto Rico

Feb 11, 2019

TravelupdateIt is time for another update. We are still in the Canary Islands (have been here for two months now). We have just left Fuerteventura and arrived on the next island in the chain = Gran Canaria. Ok, so we spent more time on Fuerteventura than we thought we would but now we have moved on.

Fuerteventura grows on you

A couple of days ago, we arrived in Fuerteventura. We ended up spending a month on the island and we fell more and more in love with the island as every day passed. In the end, we found more things to do while there than visiting beaches so we are happy with Fuerteventura.

Now we have arrived in Gran Canaria. Our first impression is that there is a lot more to do here. Bigger cities and more attractions that will make us run around like crazy while being here. This is also the first time that we have checked into a camping in two months – working days are upon us!

Meeting a dear friend in Puerto Rico

So there is a story to this… A couple of years ago, Mini and I went to Puerto Rico (the island in the Caribbean). While hanging out on Facebook, I noticed that a friend of ours had written that she had just landed in Puerto Rico. I got super excited and wrote to her that “we are also in Puerto Rico and that we have to meet up”.

She answered that it was awesome and that she was living “up on the hill”. I got a bit confused and asked her what town she was in because we were in San Juan. It turned out that she was in the town of Puerto Rico on Gran Canaria while we were on the island of Puerto Rico. We had a good laugh and since then we call the town Puerto Rico “fake Puerto Rico”.

Enjoying Puerto Rico with Katrin

Now a couple of years later, we ended up being on the same island during the same time. We went to Puerto Rico to meet up with Katrin. It turns out that there are a lot of Swedes that travel there because we got lots of thumbs up, high fives and happy dances when the people saw the Swedish license plates on our motorhome. Note to self: This is how it feels to be a celebrity. 

We have known Katrin for several years now and we had a great 24 hours together. We talked and had great meals together and just enjoyed life. She and I went out for a walk while Mini stayed in the car and got some work done. I can’t point out enough, how much we like meeting people in other parts of the world.

Meeting Lissan and Janne again

The first time we met Lissan and Janne, it was in Portugal. The next time, we met in Huelva, Spain and now we have reunited in Gran Canaria. They are an awesome couple that travels a lot and we get so much information and inspiration from them. They have taken their motorhome to the Canary Islands several times before so they know all about motor homing in Gran Canaria.

We have the best time with these guys and it feels like we have known each other for years! And now we were neighbors for a couple of days. Life is really great! We are behind on updating you guys on all the awesome attractions that we have been to. We are currently discussing if we want to continue with the updates “in order” or if we should start updating from the different islands – you just have to wait and see 😉
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