Thoughts from the road – What are we up to?

Jan 15, 2019

Blogpost LanzaroteOne of our new years resolutions were to give more “personal blog updates” on what we are up to and what is happening in our lives. You get all the information on what to visit while visiting a destination on this site. Lately, we have people asking for more personal updates. Where are we and what are we doing? We have decided to make “thoughts from the road” into a weekly thing – hope you like it! 

Finally Lost was Finally Lost in Lanzarote for a month

Who knew that Lanzarote had so much to offer? Well, now we do! We had an amazing time there and the only thing we struggled with was that the only camping on the island was closed and some days we didn’t have enough electricity in our motorhome to keep our computers running all day. But we found a way to work through that. Was it ethical – well that is up to you to decide. We took our computers and walked into a resort, pretended to be hotel guests and sat down. Ok, the pretended part is maybe a bit exaggerated – we walked in and plugged our computers in their sockets. Then we sat and worked there.

This was a huge resort with many guests so no one ever asked us if we were guests at the hotel. This was not a “day to day” thing but we went there about five times during our month in Lanzarote. A huge thank you to HD Hotel for letting us use your electricity. This was the only way that we could finish our work for some days.
Blogpost from Lanzarote

Thought of the week – How many cars are to many?

One of the first thing that came to mind when we arrived in Lanzarote, was how many cars there were on the island. After spending some time there we came to the conclusion that you are better off with a car while visiting Lanzarote. The island is not that big but the attractions and sights are spread out all over the island. Rental cars are everywhere and it feels like there are more cars than people on this island.

Cesar Manrique was advocating against to many cars on the island. It feels like a bit of double standard since he had several cars himself. And at the same time, we were talking about all those cars while driving our motorhome next to them. So yes, Lanzarote is crowded by cars but they are also taking passengers to all the different attractions. If you are coming to Lanzarote – be prepared to see a lot of cars! But then at the same time, isn’t it the same wherever you go?! Just a thought!
Blogpost from Lanzarote

What are we up to now?

After visiting place after place, attraction after attraction for about a month in Lanzarote, we finally made it over to Fuerteventura. We have not yet started to explore this island and it will take a while before you can read about Fuerteventura on our blog since we still have loads of things that we want to publish on Lanzarote. Fuerteventura at a first glance, Fuerteventura is all about the beaches. I might regret writing this later on when we have explored some more but so far there are beaches everywhere.

But we are both pretty sure that we will fall in love with Fuerteventura, just as much as we did with Lanzarote – we just need some more time here to go exploring!
Blogpost from Lanzarote


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