To do in Saeby, North Jutland, Denmark

Saeby, Denmark
With a medieval town center, a white church and a great restaurant, Sæby welcomes you. Take a walk around this small town. Be sure to check out the harbor where the Lady of the Sea is impressing sailors that come to the harbor. This place made me feel like I wanted to come back and spend some more days here.

Sæby – the cozy harbor town in Denmark

There are a lot of sailing boats that come to the harbor of Sæby. When they enter they are welcomed by a huge sculpture. It’s made by the artist Marit Benthe Nordheim and is a mermaid. The sight makes you want to get on a sailing boat and make a stop in this beautiful town. Sæby is not a big town – there are less than 9 000 people living here. But I do believe that the summer fills the town right up with tourists and visitors.

Start your day by taking a stroll around the town and make sure to stop by the local church.
To do in Saeby Denmark

Marie Kirke – the white church in Sæby

This lovely church that is all white is well worth a visit. It is rich with decorations and frescoes and the altar is very impressive. Our favorite part of this church were the paintings. Well maybe scribbles more than paintings. They are hand carved pictures from children that attended the church school. I can imagine what the children were dreaming of while sitting on their benches. And something that is considered clutter works out perfectly in the Marie church.
Maria church in Saeby, Denmark

Shop amber jewelry at Ravsliberen

Ravsliberen is a store with a huge range of Amber jewelry produced in their own workshop. They also have a museum where you can see rare fossils and minerals. During the summer the store also offers events for children and families where they learn to find amber. It is a great store to visit and maybe buy some souvenirs to bring back home.

Our favorite part… dinosaur eggs that are on display at the museum.
Address: Algade 12 A, 9300 Sæby.
dinosaur eggs that are on display at the museum
Amber jewelry produced in Saeby, Denmark

Eat at Franks Restaurant in Sæby

This is a restaurant that is closed during the winter. They have a great focus on locally produced food and they also have a great selection of wine. All their wine is made out of ecological grapes and they are biodynamic. We are not huge wine-tasters but the wine we were served was really good. We had lunch here and because this restaurant is so close to the water – guess what we had fish. The desert was chocolate cake with raspberries and ice-cream – so good! Franks restaurant is also offering a buffet for people who prefer that.

And Franks is more than a restaurant. It is also an art gallery and a store where you can buy some of the stuff that is presented in the restaurant. A great place to eat and the view is awesome!
Address: Havnen 12, 9300 Sæby.
Franks Restaurant in Sæby
Fich for dinner
Desert Choklade

Enjoy the city of Sæby

You don’t need to make plans while here. Best of all is to just stroll around. Make sure to check out the beach and the beautiful houses that are all over the town. It’s a beautiful place and there are lots of restaurants and stores where you can go shopping!
A house in Saeby, Denmark


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