Grenen – The northernmost point of Jutland

Grenen Denmark
Grenen is one of the most visited places in Skagen and in North Jutland in all. To walk out to the tip and see where Skagerrak and Kattegat meet is a very special thing. We took a stroll out to Grenen and boy were we lucky – we got to meet a seal – both in and out of the water. The only downside is that you are not allowed to swim at Grenen due to the currents. 

Grenen – Where Skagerrak meets Kattegat

There are several different ways to get to Grenen. You can walk from the parking lot. It’s about one kilometer walk and you walk on the beach. During the summer there is a tractor and a trailer that shuttles people to Grenen and back. Our recommendation is to walk out there – if you are healthy and have no trouble walking.
Grenen Denmark

Our visit was with Visit Denmark and during our walk they told us that if we were lucky we would see seals. Lo and behold – suddenly we saw something moving in the water. At first, I thought that it was a dummy that was put there so that everyone could say that they had seen a seal. But after we had been out to Grenen the seal had made his way out of the water. This was an amazing thing – to see this small creature, almost posing for the cameras. So cute!
Seal at Grenen Denmark
BringBlingToTraveling photo op with Seal at Grenen Denmark
Seal at Grenen Denmark

Not allowed to swim at Grenen

The water is not deep at the tip where Skagerrak meets Kattegat. However, the currents are really strong so you are not allowed to swim here. I did tiptoe out so that I could stand with one foot in each ocean. But I did not go for a swim! A lot of ships have sunken around the area so I think that there is a better place for a dip than at Grenen. But you don’t have to be discouraged because you can swim at other places close by so you are not missing out. The beach is super wide, a great thing to see compared to the small and thin stretches of beach in our hometown, Åhus.
Grenen Denmark And while you are out here, make sure to visit the small museums around the area. There is a bunker museum and you can also visit an art museum.
Grenen Denmark and the lighthouse in the backgroundThis trip was a press trip with Visit Denmark. We share our personal experiences of the different places we got to see so this is not a sponsored post!

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